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Popular Austin vegan ice cream brand opening first shop on South Lamar

Matthew Odam

One of the early movers in the vegan ice cream world in Austin, Nada Moo is getting its own home. No longer will you be able to only buy Nada Moo in grocers and shops around town. Nada Moo, which makes coconut-milk-based “ice cream,” has taken over the Venezia Gelato (RIP) space at 1701 S. Lamar Blvd. and will open softly for business at 4 p.m. on Friday, according to an employee. The shop will operate under limited hours at the beginning, and suggests people pay attention to Nada Moo’s social media ( FB, IG and Twitter) for updates.

Nada Moo guests can expect cups and cones of flavors like chocolate peanut butter, maple pecan, caramel cold-brew and cookies, cookie dough fudge, birthday cake and more. I was sad to see Venezia leave that racetrack strip of South Lamar, but assume a vegan ice cream shop (of which there are much fewer in town) may be a stronger draw in that location, especially a brand that has been in business in Austin since 2004.