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An ‘Austin-inspired’ food hall is headed to New York City

Katey Psencik

What is “Austin-inspired” food, anyway?

According to Hill Country in New York City, it’s barbecue, breakfast tacos, fried chicken, pizza, burgers, coffee, doughnuts and more.

So just ... food? 

At any rate, the folks behind New York’s Hill Country Barbecue Market and Hill Country Fried Chicken are opening -- you guessed it -- Hill Country Food Park in the Brooklyn space , according to Eater. It’s apparently inspired by “the original Austin food truck movement of the 1990s.” 


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In addition to the six different food stalls, there will also be live music and a full bar -- because it’s Austin-inspired, dang it! 

Statesman food critic Matthew Odam wasn’t a fan of Hill Country Barbecue (here are the New York City joints he preferred), and we’re still not sure what Austin’s ‘90s food truck culture is, but the brand is massively popular in Brooklyn (casual reminder of that time Vice’s food site Munchies said “Brooklyn barbecue is taking over the world” and Texans collectively told them to sit the heck down).

According to Eater, the food hall is aiming to open this summer.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the best barbecue in Austin and here’s a guide to hidden Texas barbecue gems.

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