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Jester King Brewery now owns 165 acres of Hill Country paradise — and will be a wedding venue

Arianna Auber
Jester King Brewery now owns Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza and an extensive swath of Hill Country land around it.

There are three important things to take away from Jester King Brewery’s recent announcement about the purchase of 107 acres of land surrounding the farmhouse brewery.

One is that you never have to worry about development encroaching on the Hill Country paradise that Jester King has spent years carefully cultivating. The brewery scooped up 57 acres two years ago with the ambitious goal of converting it into a working farm, which has since been realized.

“We're very happy that this land will not fall prey to encroaching residential development,” Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings said in the blog post. “Green space is becoming increasingly fleeting on the outskirts of Austin, and aside from agriculture, our land will not be developed. It will remain a beautiful place for people to enjoy long into the future.”

The new acreage comprises the remainder of Ceres Park Ranch — Jester King’s home since 2010 — including the Ceres Park Ranch Event Center and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza.

Which leads us to the second thing to be excited about: that Jester King, with the addition of an events center, can finally be a wedding venue. Not everyone is going to care about this news, granted, but it’s likely a thrilling prospect for upcoming brides and grooms who want to be married amid the natural beauty of Jester King’s property. 

Stuffings noted in the post that Jester King has had to turn down requests for weddings and other events at the brewery “for a long time” because of a lack of space. But bookings for those will open later this year.

The third thing to take away is that Jester King’s acquisition of the Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza property, the restaurant where families flock for pizza, beer and playtime, might be tweaked a bit in the future. (The hours and that family-focused atmosphere, however, are going to remain the same no matter what.)

One immediate good change? You can finally buy Jester King beer at Stanley’s. But a longer-term transformation will be with the food program.

“Very little will change at Stanley's at the outset,” Stuffings said. “Like us, they pride themselves on being a family-friendly place for people to relax and enjoy time with friends and family in a serene setting. Over time, it will be natural for Stanley's to slowly evolve to better fit our philosophy and approach. We're excited about making the kitchen an extension of our land and farm, and achieving greater symmetry between their food and our beer.”

At some point, another restaurant on Jester King land is also in the works from the chef of Georgetown’s recently shuttered, well-regarded the Hollow.