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Is Taco Bell America's favorite Mexican restaurant in 2018? Yes ... yes, it is.

Dave Thomas
Maybe there weren't a lot of Texans among the 77,000 who responded to The Harris Poll, but they did select Taco Bell as the Brand of the Year in the Mexican Restaurant category.

America, there’s something we need to taco ‘bout.

The latest Harris Poll EquiTrend Study has been released, and, well … it appears as if you actually selected Taco Bell as America’s favorite Mexican restaurant.

I know, actually it is the “2018 Brand of the Year,” but let’s call a Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme a Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme … America’s favorite Mexican restaurant.

Yes. Yo quiero recount.

(Don’t worry, Austin, we know you’re not to blame. Whether you’re a Fonda San Miguel aficionado or an El Patio guy, you can rest assured that neither were options in this poll.)

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The closest Moe’s Southwest Grill is in Waco, so I’m not sure, America, if the 2-year champ deserved to be dethroned, but since Moe’s Southwest Grill has almost no locations in the Southwest, I’m pretty suspicious. 

With most of their disease outbreaks behind them, so to speak, you might have considered returning Chipotle to the throne. I know, it’s hard to forget. Maybe next year?

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Qdoba, Baja Fresh and Del Taco were some of the other national choices, and, frankly, I’m beginning to guess why Taco Bell got the nod.

Still, you were kinda all over the place on the Harris Poll this year, America.

Chicken restaurant of the year: Chick-fil-A. Well, yeah.

Luxury hotel of the year: Four Seasons. But of course.

Sandwich shop of the year: Subway. Really? OK, it tied with Panera, but it shouldn’t have been close.

Factual entertainment of the year: History Channel. On the schedule this week, “Swamp People” and “Ancient Aliens.” That’s all I’m saying.