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Sound Style: Australian pop artist Mallrat loves the ’90s

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Austin 360

Mallrat a.k.a. Grace Shaw is a 19-year-old artist from Australia who  layers witty lyricism with upbeat electro grooves. We caught up with her on Tuesday at the Sounds of Australia day party, where she charmed the crowd while rocking a massive Office Depot jacket. No, they don’t have Office Depots in Australia. She picked up the jacket on a trip to Japan. She was attracted to it because of its size.

We sat down and talked to her about how she crafts her quirky style.

Austin360: How would you describe your personal style?

I like mostly big, over-sized stuff. I really love ’90s fashion as well….I love to watch ‘90s movies and kind of just stalk their look a little bit. I love high fashion from the ’90s as well, how over the top Versace and stuff were, like the pin striped dresses and all the diamantés and everything. I love it.

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You said you got this jacket in Japan, does Japanese fashion influence you?

I love street style and Japanese street style is on another level in general, not just Harajuku style, but just the general fashion sense. It’s just so cool. And same with Korea. I feel like they’re really killing it in street fashion at the moment. It’s really like from the future on another level.

Who are your style icons? 

I really love Rihanna, her confidence to pull off whatever she likes. Like I said, a lot of ’90s stuff inspires me I draw from lots of little subcultures, I think.

Do you have a tomboy thing going on?

You caught me on a tomboy day, but I also like to dress very feminine sometimes. Like I wear a lot of vintage floral dresses. But if I do, I like to wear boots with it, so I kind of mix it up. Not too feminine.

How do you think of image in relation to your art?

I think it’s just a reflection of me. I don’t think it’s necessarily tied to my music, but they’re both tied to me.