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Austin-area brewery’s new beer named $2.13 Pale Ale as nod to service industry

Arianna Auber
The $2.13 pale ale will be available first at Oasis, Texas Brewing and then hit local retailers in six-pack cans.

Oasis, Texas Brewing in the Lake Travis area has made a beer called the $2.13 Pale Ale — to show appreciation for service industry folks and also to raise awareness about their pay.

The amount, $2.13, is the federal minimum wage for all tipped employees, and it hasn’t been adjusted for the cost of living since 1991. (A recent report based off U.S. Census data has found that tips equal more than half of restaurant staff income.)

Oasis teamed up with local organization In the Weeds, which serves as a service industry community forum and job finder, to make the beer and highlight those facts.

“A person who works for tips is a gambler, wagering their smile, personality and hospitality to pay their bills. This beer is a salute to our industry, the people that risk making $2.13 an hour,” In the Weeds’ founder Kc Hensley said in a press release about the beer.

The $2.13 Pale Ale is sessionable at 4 percent alcohol by volume and has a light hop aroma, according to the release — and though it won’t cost $2.13 to pick up in six-packs, it’ll still be affordably priced. The Lake Travis brewery will host a release party for the beer at 7 p.m. on Jan. 26 before it hits the market in cans.

Oasis, Texas Brewing is located at 6550 Comanche Trail #301. For more information, visit