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Need a last minute stocking stuffer? Pick up a brisket-scented candle from Rudy’s. No, really.

Joe Gross
This is a thing that exists.

So, you have your traditional Thanksgiving scents: Turkey, stuffing, pies, spilled Scotch when Uncle Merle passes out with a drink on his stomach while watching football.

Those give way to your Christmas or Hannukah scents: Pine, wet clothing, latkes in oil, more pies, a Christmas ham, the smell of ozone when Grandma’s vintage Noma bubble Christmas lights finally shorts out.

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Rudy’s, the barbecue chain based in Leon Springs and the perennial answer to the panicked thought, “Oh, crap, we have like 10 people coming over in an hour and forgot to make dinner,” would like to add “smoked brisket” to the list of holiday scents.

They’re offering, for a limited time, a “Natural Palm Wax” brisket scented candle for the stocking stuffer price of $17.99 via their online store.

Apparently this started as a joke before some brilliant person realized this was actually genius.

Not only is this a lovely Texas scent for your own home or that of others, the prank potential seems near-infinite.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if you quietly lit this in an open-plan office around lunch time?

If your office is anything like mine, folks would tear their hair out looking for the brisket. Then possibly other people’s hair. Cats and dogs, living together. Mass hysteria.

Now I am hungry.