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Celebrate the holidays and ‘Harry Potter’ in Austin at the Yule Ball

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Austin 360
“We didn’t see that there was really anything for adult fans of ‘Harry Potter’ to kind of engage in, especially as an immersive experience,” Worthwich School’s Faye Fearless said.

After reading the “Harry Potter” series, many of us wish our own Hogwarts acceptance letters would arrive in the mail.

But some lucky Muggles (that is, those with no magical abilities) are able to experience their own kind of magic at a Central Texas wizarding school. Worthwich School offers all sorts of wizarding activities for people still enthralled by the series 20 years after the first book was published — including wand-making classes and retreats like one that ran for a weekend in October. The next “Harry Potter”-inspired event from producer Faye Fearless, who created the concept of Worthwich with her partner, Mai Infante, is the enchanting Worthwich Yule Ball on Dec. 16.

Go to to learn more about the magical experiences you can have with Worthwich School during the holidays and throughout the year.