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There’s a chance you could win a 32 oz. growler of Tacodeli’s Salsa Doña

Arianna Auber
Contributed by Tacodeli. A lottery will randomly choose 100 people to buy growlers of Tacodeli's beloved Salsa Dona sauce.

Christmas is about to come a little early for 100 lucky Tacodeli lovers. 

Very soon, they’ll get enough salsa to feed the entire guest list of their next holiday party (that is, if they are willing to share it...). And it’s not just any salsa, served in any old container. It’s Tacodeli’s ridiculously delicious Salsa Doña, and it’ll come in a branded 32 oz. beer growler.

That’s right: a whole 32 ounces of the legendary green salsa. That’s more Salsa Doña than you’ll get in a container of the Tacodeli salsa Whole Foods started selling earlier this year. And certainly more salsa than you’ll get in the tiny containers served at the more than half-dozen taco shops in Austin, Houston and Dallas.

The catch? The growlers are super limited, and you have to enter a lottery for the chance to purchase one for $25.

You can register in the lottery starting Friday morning. If you win, you’ll also be able to re-fill your growler with one of Pinthouse Pizza’s house beers at either the north or south locations of the brewpub. (But don’t forget to clean it out first.) The $25 includes a coupon for 50 percent off one growler fill at Pinthouse. My recommendation? Get yourself some of Pinthouse’s Electric Jellyfish IPA

Salsa Doña fanatics only have a few days to enter the lottery once it kicks off at 6 a.m. on Dec 8. Registration will close at midnight on Dec. 10, and winners will be notified on Dec. 14. Get signed up for the lottery on eventbrite