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Heading to Lady Gaga at the Erwin Center in Austin? Leave your purse at home

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Lady Gaga’s Tuesday night concert at the Erwin Center is not completely sold out yet, but if you’re still trying to scoop tickets, it’s going to cost you. At 9:30 on Monday morning, the only tickets available under $128 were $88 rear view seats.

If you are heading to the show, be aware that the venue, the largest concert facility in the Austin city limits, has tightened security over the past year. Walk through metal detectors are now located at every entrance to the building and the only approved bags for all ticketed events at the facility are clear plastic totes or very small clutches.

Clear plastic totes must be 12 by 12 inches or smaller or one gallon clear, resealable plastic storage bags.

Small clutches do not have to be clear, but they must be very small. The maximum size is 4.5 by 6.5 inches.