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Austin Astros fans: Eat at these Houston-based restaurants during the World Series

Matthew Odam

Baseball fans are superstitious. Like, the most superstitious. So, this morning, with my Houston Astros just hours away from competing in their second-ever World Series (it’s weird to even type that sentence), I thought that I needed some food from Houston to sustain me and stoke the baseball karma. Sadly, some of my first choices have left town. The Austin franchise of Houston’s La Crawfish (a Vietnamese crawfish restaurant) was short-lived at Northcross Mall, and my beloved James Coney Island, Ninfa’s and Antone’s Po’Boys shuttered long ago (though I think they could survive in Austin now if they found spots with reasonable rents). But there are still quite a few restaurants in Austin that have Houston ties. Some are owned by the restaurant group in Houston, while others are franchises, but they all got their start in Space City, the home of Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Dallas Keuchel and the rest.

If you’re a die-hard Astros fan and are crazy enough to believe that eating food from a restaurant that got its start in the home of the Houston 9 will bring the team good luck, or if maybe you just need to stress-eat, then head on out to one of these places in the coming days for lunch or dinner.