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One of Austin’s best Bloody Mary brands now has a margarita mix for us

Arianna Auber
The new Barbecue Wife Texas Smoked Honey Margarita Mix is made with all-natural ingredients, like the sister product Bloody Mary Mix.

After proving that locally made barbecue sauce is an essential ingredient in Bloody Mary mix, the Austin-based brand Barbecue Wife is releasing a new drinks mix — this one especially important to margarita-loving Texans.

Barbecue Wife founder Catherine Stiles has created a “junk-free” margarita mix called the Barbecue Wife Texas Smoked Honey Margarita Mix, and it comes with another distinctive twist: an organic sweetener comprised of local honey smoked for 72 hours at Stiles Switch Barbecue, a North Lamar restaurant owned by Stiles’ husband, Shane.

The margarita mix also features real lime juice and filtered Texas spring water. Having actual lime juice versus a concentrate makes all the difference, according to Stiles, because it provides the mix with a nice citrus kick.

“There’s no gross aftertaste that you get in a lot of bottled mixer,” she said. “We smoke the honey, but that doesn’t make it taste smoky; it just mellows the flavor and makes it not so floral, more of an agave or simple syrup.”

She said she’s had plans for a Barbecue Wife margarita mix for the past two years but had waited to make sure she was completely ready for the launch of a second product. The Barbecue Wife Bloody Mary Mix, made with the tomato-based barbecue sauce from Stiles Switch, debuted in 2015 and has since become as much a lifestyle brand as a drinks mix.

And the new margarita mix is likely to become just as beloved given Austinites’ deep love of the tequila cocktail.

“Since margaritas are the official drink of Austin, I didn’t want to make just another margarita mix — it had better be damn good,” she said. She noted that it would take hard work to replicate her recipe: “You’d have to hand squeeze at least three dozen limes and take hours at home to make one bottle of our mix.”

Look for bottles of it with Barbecue Wife’s distinctive design online, where you can order it now on the website, or in Austin’s small retail stores like Royal Blue Grocery very soon. Stiles is planning a larger launch next year, when the margarita mix will go into Twin Liquors, Whole Foods and HEB. Barbecue Wife Bloody Mary Mix is already available in each of those locations.