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Banger’s named as one of the top beer gardens in America

Arianna Auber
Banger's is always crowded but also offers a good time in its large, partially shaded beer garden.

One of Austin’s best beer gardens, it turns out, is actually one of the best beer gardens in America, period, at least according to Thrillist. The publication recently released a ranking of the 21 top ones in the U.S. and included Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden on Rainey Street.

Long community-style tables, hefty mugs of frosty beer, outdoor drinking with your pooch laying at your feet — these are all elements of a classic German-style beer garden, and Banger’s has got ‘em. What else does the bar, turning five next month, have to offer?

“With over 100 beers on tap and 30+ house-made sausages, the sprawling, perpetually thronged Banger's isn't just one of Austin's best beer gardens,” Thrillist writes. “It's also one of its best beer bars. And one of its best booze-soaking sausage parties. And its best dog-friendly drinkery. And a great brunch spot. And… look, this is is a must-visit spot no matter how you slice it.”

Want to find out for yourself? Banger’s 5 Year Anniversary Party and Beer Festival runs all day on Aug. 5, and it already boasts a massive beer list with some of the best beers you could hope for, from barrel-aged boozers from Avery and Prairie to sour offerings from the Bruery and Jolly Pumpkin to nice local treats from Real Ale and the new-ish Hi Sign Brewing.

There will also be live music all day; meet-the-brewer sessions with Hops & Grain, Pinthouse Pizza, Blue Owl Brewing and more; and a menu of pork, whether you want a smoked pig, Cajun microwave pig or spit-roasted pig. There will even be a growler giveaway every hour with Pinthouse’s Electric Jellyfish IPA. Like the beer garden itself, what doesn’t the party have?