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How to tap a watermelon keg, just in time for the Fourth of July

Katey Psencik
Katey Psencik / American-Statesman Staff

If at some point in your youth you did not have the opportunity to pour some type of alcohol into a watermelon, you have truly missed out on, well, living.

Never fear, there’s an invention that makes boozing up your watermelons even easier: a watermelon tap. 

You can find them almost anywhere kitchen items are sold: Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Walmart, Williams-Sonoma and even Urban Outfitters. Recently, the Statesman features department received one in the mail and it garnered quite a bit of chatter around the office: Does it work? Is it fun? Is it worth using?

So food writer Addie Broyles and I decided to put it to the test on Facebook Live (where else?) this week, just in time for you to go out and buy one to use for your Fourth of July festivities. 

Here’s how it went:

The TL;DR version (or should it be TL;DW?): It worked. It was sticky. But we used pink lemonade, and it definitely would have tasted better with something a little, well, on the harder side. Addie mentioned prosecco, but all I could think about was how good one of Deep Eddy’s flavored vodkas would taste in there, especially the lemon flavor.