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On The Record: Tinnarose, The Young

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Tinnarose, self-titled (Nine Mile): The more typical scenario is for bands to spawn solo projects by its members, but the progression ran in reverse here: Frontman Seth Sherman’s 2011 solo album “When the Moment Is True” led to that project’s support crew coalescing into a proper band. Tinnarose brings the charisma of singer Devon McDermott to the fore; often she and Sherman harmonize on tunes that have ties to classic British folk-rock but are delivered with a much more modern sensibility, favoring electric instrumentation. McDermott’s lead vocals on her own composition “Fallen Debris” and the traditional English folk tune “Willie O’Winsbury” are especially noteworthy, though a six-minute reprise of the former number to conclude the album feels a little indulgent. On the whole, this is refreshing and adventurous pop music, mixing past and present notions in a manner that sets Tinnarose apart as a singular presence on the local scene. Opening for Cory Branan Sept. 6 at Mohawk indoor stage.

The Young, “Chrome Cactus” (Matador): Dark and heavy tunes dominate this hard-edged indie-rock band’s third album, their second on the influential Matador label. The guitar-heavy wall of sound that stretches from the opening “Metal Flake” to the closing “Blow the Scum Away” downplays the vocals and is a bit hard to penetrate, though it also gives the record an emotional consistency. Midway through, “Mercy” stands apart for its deliberate pace, droning effects and desperate lyrics. Release show Sept. 4 at Hotel Vegas.

Also: Shelley King,“Building a Fire,”release show Sept. 4 at Strange Brew; The David Ruffins, “Thundergun,” release show Sept. 4 at Empire Control Room; Globe Factory No. 23, “Original Sins for Copycats” (Fiesta Red); Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers featuring Connor Forsyth, “Walk With Me,” with former members of the Belleville Outfit.


Though indie-rock quintet Delta Spirit formed in California and is now based in Brooklyn, lead singer Matt Vasquez grew up in Austin and recently has moved back here. “Into the Wide,” the band’s fourth album, is due out Sept. 9 on Dualtone Records, with an Austin release show set for Sept. 11 at Emo’s. Check out the album track “Live On”:


SEPT. 2: Brian Pounds, “Strikes and Gutters” EP, release show 9-18 at Strange Brew.

SEPT. 2: Justin Furstenfeld, “Songs From an Open Book” (solo record by the Blue October frontman).

SEPT. 9: Belle Sounds, “Black Stone” EP, release show Sept. 13 at Lamberts.

SEPT. 9: Nightowls, “Good As Gold B-Sides” EP, release show Sept. 12 at Stubb’s indoors.

SEPT. 16: Ahren Behrens & the Midnight Stroll, self-titled EP (Megaforce).

SEPT. 16: Fauntleroys, “Below the Pink Pony” EP (Plowboy).

SEPT. 16: Band of Heathens, “Sunday Morning Record.”

SEPT. 23: Will Knaak, “The Only Open Road” (Lounge Side).

SEPT. 25: Kim Simpson, “Tex-Mex Guitar” vinyl 45rpm EP, release show Sept. 25 at Cactus Cafe.

OCT. 7: Hal Ketchum, “I’m the Troubadour” (Music Road).

OCT. 7: Shakey Graves, “And the War Came” (Dulatone), playing Oct. 30 at Stubb’s.

OCT. 14: Timberos Del Norte, self-titled.

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