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This week’s playlist: White after Labor

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Our mommas always told us not to wear white after Labor Day. No one truly knows why that’s a sartorial commandment. Apparently, some fussy millionaire socialites in the 1800s thought it would help them figure out who was “new money” and thus worthy of autumnal side-eye.

Here at Team 360, we are firmly No Money, so we’re not putting away our white denim jorts anytime soon. Speaking of White Denim, that brings us to the theme of this week’s playlist: a post-Labor Day celebration of the color white.

Our defiant rebellion of fashion propriety kicks off with a couple rock classics: the Moody Blues tune “Nights In White Satin” and Cream’s “White Room.” Since we never take things too literally, we made sure to queue up a couple Jack White joints, “Fell In Love With a Girl” and “Sixteen Saltines.” The guitar jams continue with songs from Mumford & Sons and Whitesnake, but our post-summer party really gears up with danceable white ivory-hued tunes from Goldfrapp and Disclosure. Once you’re in the groove, Barry White and Sade have their pearly pieces of musical wisdom to impart before Janis Joplin brings it all home.

Shut the closet door, put on your best reverse Johnny Cash costume and listen to this week’s playlist, now on Spotify.