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Deep Eddy to release cranberry vodka

Arianna Auber

Less than a year after Deep Eddy released Ruby Red, a grapefruit-infused vodka that has flown off store shelves, the Austin-based spirits company is at it again with another flavored vodka joining the trio of the Ruby Red, Sweet Tea Vodka and Straight.

In February, Deep Eddy will release a cranberry-infused vodka made with cane sugar and non-GMO cranberries that were harvested from New England farms. Like the others in Deep Eddy’s roster, Cran (as the company is calling it) is distilled 10 times and filtered slowly over charcoal four times.

Why that fruit? “Several of the most frequently consumed cocktails are made with cranberry,” Eric Dopkins, CEO of Deep Eddy, said in a press release.

I received a bottle of Cran and tried it out, noticing immediately that it looked – and smelled, to an extent – like cranberry juice.

Thankfully, though, it doesn’t actually taste like cranberry juice, which I find can be a little too tart even with the high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup found in a lot of the ones on store shelves. The addition of the pure cane sugar helped to temper both the sourness of the cranberries and the harshness of the alcohol you’ll find in straight vodka, but that slight alcoholic pinch is still there, a nice balance that makes easy sipping out of drinking the Cran with some ice and club soda.

Deep Eddy also suggested a couple of cranberry vodka recipes that you can try in addition to the vodka/club soda combination that Deep Eddy is calling the “Cran Cod” (1 part cranberry vodka, 1 part club soda, garnish with lime).

Look for the Cran in stores next month. It’ll be available in Texas, as well as other states such as Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico and Florida.

Deep Eddy’s other vodkas, which are available in 32 states now, have all won awards at spirits competitions, including the International Craft Spirits Awards in 2013, when Ruby Red and Straight took a gold medal and Sweet Tea took a silver.

Cranberry Sauced

2 parts Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka

1 part lemonade

Splash of club soda

Garnish with lemon

Cran Cosmo

2 parts Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka

1 part orange liqueur

Fresh lime juice (1/2 lime, squeezed)

1 part club soda

Garnish with lime