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What the heck is The Lonely Biscuits?

Ramon Ramirez

“We’re going to do a little trivia,” said BMI Stage bottom-feeder Grady Wenrich Friday afternoon. “What does the ‘L’ in ACL stand for?”

Wenrich fronts a Nashville area band made up of Belmont students called The Lonely Biscuits. It closed with a song called “Butter.” It had a song about the first day of school (“Look for your name on the attendance sheet; I really want to know your name”). It had straight-faced Biz Markie and Biggie covers. Wenrich rapped early and often on original material. His band’s Twitter bio reads, “We make phunky phresh music.” He tweets at Lena Dunham.

Think Sublime meets modern stoners (that’s not a band name) meets the sweetness of the kid that freestyles by the soda machine in high school. There’s a masculine lightness to Wenrich and co-frontman John Paterini’s vocals. They are talented dudes playing in a sort of jam band that can’t really jam out.

But again, Wenrich raps armchair discussion group philosophy like “You’ve been living with your hands tangled /guess I’ve been looking at life through the wrong angle.”

And between songs said: “That was a reminder to you Austin, Texas, to keep on rocking in the free world.”

Some bros next to me nodded and gave me Corn Nuts. We were the “Guinea Pig” crowd, Wenrich said. They tested several new songs: “Let us know which ones suck and which ones are cool.”

The one called “She’s On A Beach” was fairly terrible. But the one about the first day of school was charismatic punk.

But I’m grading on a learning curve here. This is music for people that think that The Lonely Biscuits is a charming band name and that the world could use more Chili Peppers-esque reggae rock.

It was honest and, hey, people like covers. We’ll give the Biscuits an incomplete.