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Pearl Jam fans play the waiting game

Eric Pulsifer

The musicians playing the Samsung Galaxy Stage have their work cut out for them, because many of the folks front and center and up against the rails today are there for one reason only: Pearl Jam.

For high school senior Caitlin Robison and her father Bill of Daytona Beach, Florida, tonight’s show is the last chance for some daddy-daughter bonding before Caitlin heads off to college. “I’ve been listening to Pearl Jam since I was in the womb,” Caitlin said, smiling ear to ear. “When other people were watching Barney, I was watching Eddie Vedder and listening to Tool and Nirvana.”

Her proud papa said he loves her eclectic taste in music — her highlight of ACL Fest thus far has been Childish Gambino, and she’s eager to see the Replacements this evening. “Music is a really central part of our lives, and it’s something we bond over.”

Jim Moir is in from Scotland to see Pearl Jam tonight for the 36th time since catching his first Jam set in 2000. “It’s a good excuse to travel and see the states,” he said, but added,” I wouldn’t do this for any other band.” While Moir has been waiting all day, he said he has little interest in any of the other bands playing this afternoon. “The work is going to be worth it.”

Jim’s friend Eirik Andreassen agreed. He’s in from Norway for his 10th Pearl Jam show. “I love the variety of their setlists and the charisma on stage Eddie has. He gives a lot to his fans, and it’s a completely different show each time.”

Local Pearl Jam fans Matthew Hinton and Lori Turner have staked out a spot near the stage for their fourth and second Pearl Jam concerts, respectively.

“I’m dating a superfan. We don’t listen to music unless it’s Pearl Jam, Tom Petty or Soundgarden,” Lori said. “When I met him, my favorite band was Incubus, but he won me over to Pearl Jam.”

“It’s just good rock and roll,” Matthew said. “You just don’t see good rock and roll much anymore.”