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Nikki Lane is hungover and delightful

Ramon Ramirez

Saturday night at Lambert’s, Nikki Lane enjoyed her first road sellout as a touring artist.

“It’s not a huge room but so what? We f***ing sold it out,” Lane said.

That made Sunday’s muddy, outlaw country Austin Ventures hangover breakfast an ideal victory lap. Rolling Stone endorsed her after the first weekend, and perhaps as a result Sunday’s gig enjoyed an above-average early Sunday crowd.

The Nashville-by-way-of-Greenville, S.C. singer-songwriter is a perpetual charmer–singing seasoned stompers like “700,000 Rednecks” and setting up material with Kanye confidence: “This is my new favorite song that I happened to write.”

And after one about relationships: “That’s my song about getting married. It doesn’t always work.”

She did a cover. Well, kind of. Her friend, musician Fletcher Johnson, wrote “Sleep For You” for Lane after she got canned from a day job for sleeping in and missing a shift.

But Lane is authentic enough to turn around and sing lines like “I just can’t get enough of your love” with unguarded sincerity. And then wax about the day’s lineup like a beer-sipping armchair quarterback.