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Hometown heroes Spoon face off against the Replacements

Eric Pulsifer

“Thank you for coming over to our nook when the Replacements were playing,” Spoon frontman Britt Daniel said. “We were trying to figure out who to yell at about that.”

After a massive late afternoon crowd for Fitz and the Tantrums, hometown heroes indie rock band Spoon took to the Honda Stage. While the numbers in attendance were strong, it seemed a bit more roomy in the audience following Fitz.

Swapping between a classy mustard-colored Telecaster and an acoustic guitar, Daniel seemed to have a blast on stage, smiling as he nodded his head along to the layers of synths and keys of “Inside Out” — the prettiest and least Spoon-sounding Spoon song — and poking fun at the band’s previous work. “Not bad for a song from ‘Transference,” he said, after “Who Makes Your Money.”

Pockets of people were going wild near front and center, but things were mostly tame throughout the set, solid as it was, with plenty of butts on blankets and chairs — some chairs even in the “no-chair zone” (gasp) — not far from the stage. Songs from albums “Gimme Fiction” and “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” shook the crowd’s case of the stand-stills the most, with “Got Nuffin” garnering a brief Britt-led audience-wide clap-along.


  1. Knock Knock Knock
  2. Rent I Pay
  3. Don’t You Evah
  4. Who Makes Your Money
  5. Small Stakes
  6. Do You
  7. The Underdog
  8. Rainy Taxi
  9. I Just Don’t Understand
  10. I Summon You
  11. Don’t Make Me a Target
  12. Inside Out
  13. I Turn My Camera On
  14. Got Nuffin
  15. Black Like Me