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Austin360 music shows, March 13 - March 19

Sweet Spirit will perform Friday at Hotel Vegas.


The ABGB: The South Austin Moonlighters

BD Riley’s: Eric Tessmer Band, Sunday in Leith

Billy’s Ice: Stephen Chadwick

The Broken Spoke: Two Tons of Steel, Ben Rodgers

The Buzzmill: Bob Cheevers

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: Jitterbug Vipers, Sarah Sharp,

Cactus Café: The Coffee Sergeants

Cafe’ Mueller: Lisa Marshall

Carousel Lounge: Skyline, High Dive

Cedar Street Courtyard: Hip Hop Hooray

Central Market: Sarah Arenella: Westgate: Billy Wilson & Friends

Cheatham Street Warehouse: Blue Healer, Canvas People, Lucas Eason and Panhandler

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Mike McCarthy, Stone Wheels

Chuggin Monkey: Mike Valliere, Jagged Luck

The Continental Club: T Bird and the Breaks, Walker Lukens, the Blues Specialists; Gallery: Robert Kraft Trio, Mike Flanigin Trio

Dizzy Rooster: Jordan Dewbre

Donn’s Depot: Donn & the Station Masters

Eddie V’s Edgewater Grill: Tony Taboada Trio

El Sol y La Luna: Mariachi Caballeros

Elephant Room: Elias Haslanger, Lissa hattersley

Evangeline Cafe: Freight Train Troubadours

Fado: Blaggards

Flamingo Cantina: Akinsanya, McPullish, Sgt. Remo, Judah Eskender Tafari, Andy,

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Horse Opera, Hog Branch, Them Duquaines

Gruene Hall: Roger Creager

Hole in The Wall: Wild Frenzies, Eve and the Exiles

Hotel Vegas: Cold Lampin’

Junior’s Ice House: WhitestoneBand Austin, Mama’s Love Child, Robyn and Steelin

Lone Star Court: Candy Coburn

The Lost Well: Crawl

Maria’s Taco Xpress: Leeann Atherton Band

Moontower Saloon: Buggaboo, Lucas Cook

Nutty Brown Cafe: Audiolight

The Office Lounge: Howlin’ Waters, Paul the Bass Player

On The Rocks: Bill Reid

One-2-One Bar: The Eggmen

Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe: Stefanie Fix, Nancy Scott, Jess Klein

Pinballz Kingdom: The Motts

Poodie’s: Cactus Operandi, Ru Coleman, the Bellfuries

The Rattlesnake Inn: Alicia Adkins

Red 7: Think Lizzy, Whole Lotta Led

Riley’s Tavern: The Beaumonts, Hickoids, the Beaumonts

Rock Room: Jason Eady

The Roost: Wink Keziah

Russian House: Jazz Daddies, Vana Mazi

Sahara Lounge: Seu Jacinto

Salt Lick: Marshall Street

Sarathan Records: McAlister Drive

Saxon Pub: Kelley Mickwee, the Trishas, Micky & the Motorcars, Denny Freeman

Strange Brew: Jaimee Harris

Ten Oak Lounge: Marshall Duo

Trailer Space Records: Catman, Orvus

Triple Crown: Pepper’s Blues

The White Horse: Cajun Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay 12, Emilie Clepper


B.B. Rover’s Café: Judith Ann O’Neal Miller, Joe Gee, Russ Harrison

Billy’s Ice: Rumor Town

Blue Starlite: Electric Inferno

Boomerz: Bad Marmot

The Broken Spoke: The Derailers, Paula Russell

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: Barfield the Tyrant, Bobby Bare Jr.

Cactus Café: MilkDrive

Cedar Street Courtyard: Suede

Central Market: Sarah Arenella, Macaxeira Funk; Westgate: Ruby Dee And the Snakehandlers

Cheatham Street Warehouse: Mark Jungers

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Zach Balch, Acoustalyn

The Continental Club: Redd Volkaert, Zakk & Big Papa Binns, Cedell Davis; Gallery: Hilary York, Mike Flanigin Trio

Dizzy Rooster: Mike Valliere

Donn’s Depot: Nash Hernandez Orchestra

East Side Showroom: Sarah Arenella

Eddie V’s Edgewater Grill: George Carver Trio

Elephant Room: Kim Prevost, Bill Solley

Fado: Scottish Thunder

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Modern Don Juans, Wake Eastman

Gruene Hall: Midnight River Choir, Roger Creager

Gueros Taco Bar: The Texas Tycoons, Los Tipicos de Cuba

Hanovers Draught Haus: The Easy Out

Hole In The Wall: New Mystery Girl, the Leroi Brothers

Hotel Vegas: Sweet Spirit, KOSL, Street Dads, the Bolos

House Wine: Justif

Junior’s Ice House: The Rhythm Dawgs

Lone Star Court: Colt Landon Baker

The Lost Well: Hod, the Blood Royale, Nosferion, Taverner

Maggie Maes: The Lost Project, Young Costello

Maria’s Taco Xpress: RIIL Chemistry, Spencer Thomas

Mercer Street Dance Hall: 3 Chord Rodeo, Chris Wall

The Mohawk: Aesop Rock, Hail Mary Mallon and Homeboy Sandman

Moontower Saloon: American Gypsy

New World Deli: Juliana Murphy, Julip

The Nook: Sun Salutation

Nutty Brown Cafe: The Clutch Kings

The Oasis: The Eggmen

One-2-One Bar: Mingo Fishtrap, Boss Street Brass Band

The Owl: Alicia Adkins

Pinballz Kingdom: Justin Black and Big Heart, the Wyldz

Poodie’s: Brother Nothing, Austin Mayse, Erez

Pour Haus: Jeremy Steding

Riley’s Tavern: Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars

River Road Icehouse: Jason Eady

Rumi’s Tavern: Jennifer B and the Groove

Sahara Lounge: Zoumountchi, Djembabes, Bamako Airlines

Sarathan Records: Sam Pace, Eric Tessmer Band

Satellite Bistro: Rob Greenfield Trio

Strange Brew: Gurf Morlix

The Badlands: Dead Now Evil, All Opposed, Southern Front, Black Thorn Halo, Dead Now Evil, Manifest Insanity

Trailer Space Records: Shift Freeman, That Girl Dre, Utley3

Travis County Expo Center: Star of Texas Rodeo

Triple Crown: Sabbath Crow, Superfoot, Bellringer

The Vortex Cafe: The Baffles

The White Horse: Dave Insley’s Careless Smokers, Country Willie, White Ghost Shivers, Elsa Cross, John Chandler


Banger’s: The Urban Achievers Brass Band

The Continental Club: Planet Casper, the Wagoneers, Heybale!, Amanda Cevallos; Gallery: Jon Dee Graham, Dupree

Dirty Dog Bar: Obscure Oracle, Waxpanel, Against Himself

Dizzy Rooster: Treble Soul, Hannah Prestridge, Curt Jones

East Side Showroom: Huerta Culture

Elephant Room: CPT Kirk

Freddies Place: Shane Cooley

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Dale Watson

Gruene Hall: Milkdrive, Holy Moly

Gueros Taco Bar: Mitch Webb & the Swindles

Gypsy Lounge: Wonder(expletive), Drizly

Hole In The Wall: The Infamists

Holy Mountain: Vagabond Collective Showcase

Kick Butt Coffee: Blueprint Rebellion

Lone Star Grille: Noah Peterson, Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels

Moontower Saloon: 8 Ball Aitken

Poodie’s: Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars

Riley’s Tavern: The Georges

The Roost: Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils

Sahara Lounge: Britny Lobas, Nick & Paige, Paige & the Reverent Few, Hector Anchondo Band, Britny Lobas & Ray Kainz, Beat Root, Art of III Fusion

Saxon Pub: The Band of Heathens, the Resentments, John Gaar, Band of Heathens, Michael Martin Murphey

Spinners: Mike McCarthy, Whodini Blak, Buggaboo

St. David’s Church: Wendy Colonna

Strange Brew: the Purgatory Players, George Ensle

Stubb’s: Shields of Faith

Tejas Rodeo Company: George Ensle

Threadgill’s: Feed the Soul Showcase

Travis County Expo Center: Star of Texas Rodeo

The White Horse: Conjunto Los Pinkys, Love Leighs, Soul Supporters

Z Tejas: Alex Ruiz


Banger’s: The Soul Supporters

Big Bang Bar: Not a Planet, Sweet Hayah, the Invisible World

Blind Pig Pub: The Waymires, the Future Laureates

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: Presto Chango, Jonesin’

Cafe’ Mueller: Woody Russell

Carousel Lounge: Eric Tessmer Band

Cedar Street Courtyard: Phil Luna

The Continental Club: The Peterson Brothers, Dale Watson & his Lone Stars; Gallery: Rey Arteaga, Church on Monday, Elias Haslanger

Dirty Dog Bar: Piqued Jacks

Dizzy Rooster: Tennessee Stiffs

Donn’s Depot: Chris Gage

The Driskill Hotel: Tres Bourbonnais

Elephant Room: Michael Mordecai, Jitterbug Vipers

Empire Control Room & Garage: Big Bill, All The Friends Ball

Evangeline Cafe: Charles Thibodeaux and the Austin Cajun Aces

Giddy-Ups: Bob Appel

Gruene Hall: Bret Graham

Maggie Maes: Michael Milligan and Texiana Bluez

The Nook Amphitheater: YV$

Poodie’s: George Ensle

Pour Haus: The Road

River Road Icehouse: Walt Wilkins

Sarathan Records: Eric Tessmer Band

Saxon Pub: Guy Forsyth and the Hot Nut riveters, the Leavers, Lonelyland

SpiderhouseCafe & Ballroom: Gold Beach, the Big Fist, Holiday Mountain, Shmu, Hikes, My Education

Strange Brew: Matt the Electrician Band

The Thirsty Nickel: GOBI

Threadgill’s: Sofia Talvik

Travis County Expo Center: Star of Texas Rodeo

Triple Crown: Dave Arcari

The White Horse: Emilie Clepper, Jimmie Dreams, Bar Brawl III


BD Riley’s: Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

Big Bang Bar: Sweet Hayah

The Blackheart: Chasca

The Broken Spoke: Weldon Henson

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: The 8 1/2 Souvenirs, Swollen Circus

Carousel Lounge: J.W. Teller, Kristen Cothron, Obscured by Echoes, Sons of Old Town Collective, Ponder the Albatross, Chihiro Yamakazi, Kristen Cothron

Cedar Street Courtyard: BK Percussion, Chris Castaneda and the Project

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Heather LaRose

The Continental Club: Barfield, Alejandro Escovedo, Toni Price; Gallery: James McMurtry, Ephraim Owens Experience

Dirty Dog Bar: Excessum, Dead Modern Villains

Dizzy Rooster: VanceFITE, Positive Disturbance, Ayron Jones and the Way

Donn’s Depot: Donn and the Station Masters

Dozen Street: Wonder(expletive)

Elephant Room: Collin Shook, Stanley Smith

Evangeline Cafe: Twilight Trio

Fado: Mysterious Ways, Americas

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Rorey Carroll, Motel Mirrors, James Apollo 5 Band, Rorey Carrol Trio

Gruene Hall: Two Tons of Steel

Gueros Taco Bar: The Phantom Shakers

Hotel Vegas: The Lochness Mobsters, Thee Oh Sees, Institute, Destruction Unit

Icenhauer’s: Lucas Cook

Junior’s Ice House: WhitestoneBand Austin

Lady Bird Lake: Katey Red, Gap Dream, D.Allas A.cid

Lit Lounge: Zero Miles to Empty, Giblet Head, Manson Family

The Lost Well: The Blood Royale, Sabbath Crow, Mos Generator, the House Harkonen, Crimson Devils, Project Armageddon, Fogg, Duel

Maggie Maes: Eric Tessmer Band, Alice Wallace

The Mohawk: Angel Olson, Hudson Mohawke

North By Northwest: Jeremy Steding

One-2-One Bar: Jennifer Ellen Cook, the Drakes

Poodie’s: Ben Davenport Band, Tommy Elskes

Rattle Inn: Davis Coen, the Willy Collins Band

Red Eyed Fly: ManifestiV

Riley’s Tavern: Trixie Trainwreck, No Man Band

The Roost: Ry Bradley

Sahara Lounge: KB the Boo Bonic, Legion D. Wise, Apek, Luckyiam of Living Legends, Hybridz Party

Sarathan Records: Falling Through April, McAlister Drive

Saxon Pub: Wink Keziah

Sherlock’s: the Funk Mob, Colt Landon Baker

Spider House Cafe & Ballroom: She Shreds, Panache, Hardly Art, Tom Magzine, EarthQuaker Devices, the Native Waves

Spinners: Torque Order, SkyAcre, Far Away Stables, Sleeze, Full of Hell

Strange Brew: Lauren Silva, Izzy Cox

Swan Dive: Wildcat Apollo

The Thirsty Nickel: Take Off Tour

Threadgill’s: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Triple Crown: Drive on, Mak; Chief and theDoomsdayDevice, Belly Belt, Whoever and the People, Troy Stone

The White Horse: Devin Jake, Emilie Herring, Bo Porter, Rosie & the Ramblers, Choctaw Wildfire, Stargazers


The ABGB: Peachfuzz, Enemy Planes

The Badlands: Severer, Solid Giant, Rust, Destroyer of Light, the Dirty Seeds, Voidstrider, Bearded OX, Solid Giant, Severer, Destroyer of Light

Banger’s: Clyde

BD Riley’s: Brandy Zdan

The Blackheart: Astronautalis, Romans

The Broken Spoke: Heybale, Ken Simpson

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: Malford Milligan, John Gaar, Dave Sebree

Carousel Lounge: Bill Howl, Madd & Shy Perry , Weekend Money , Fat Tony, Cellars, Rainbow Jackson, Spiderheart, Alien Knife Fight

The Continental Club Gallery: Matt Hubbard Trio, Trube, Farrell and Snizz

Dizzy Rooster: Falling Through April, City Under Siege, Anthony, Tim Georgeff

Donn’s Depot: Frank and the Honky-Tonk Doctors

Elephant Room: Wasabi Grande, Liz Morphis

Evangeline Cafe: Floyd Domino, Redd Volkaert, the Peacemakers

Fado: Scott Evans, Colt Buckelew & the Crossroads

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Peewee Moore

Gruene Hall: Tom Gillam and the Kosmic Mesengers

HandleBar Austin: Tyto Alba, I am Love, Rosechild, the Charlie Rogers Band

Hole in the Wall: Fade To Yellow Showcase

Junior’s Ice House: The Sound of A.M.

Lone Star Court: Chris Smith

One-2-One Bar: Lordship Entertainment Showcase

Opal Divine’s: Hilary Scott, Castle Creek, Penny Jo Pullus

Rattle Inn: Justin Black and Big Heart, Stephanie Daulong, Paul Renna

Red Shed Tavern: Poppy’s Field, Lauren Mayhew, Brave Native, Dave Patten, Jimmy Willden Band

Riley’s Tavern: Shane Walker, Mike Ethan Messick

Sahara Lounge: Two Tons of Steel, Leo Rondeau, Tennessee Stiffs

Sarathan Records: Andy Frasco

Saxon Pub: Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros

Sherlock’s: Kevin and the Krawlers

Spinners: Dani Mari, Owl and Wolf, Will Hanza, Silas Feemster

Strange Brew: These Fine Moments, Tahoma

The Thirsty Nickel: Nathan Kress, the Show

Threadgill’s: Riley Osbourn, Gurf Morlix, Monte Montgomery, Shelley King

Triple Crown: Sleepy Eyes Nelson, Slate Dump

Whip In: Ali Holder, D.C. Bloom

Z Tejas: Bob Livingston Trio

The White Horse: Possessed By Paul James, East Cameron, Saustex Records Showcase, Ben Ballinger, the Beaumonts


Brass House: Karen Tennison, Scott Laningham Trio

The Broken Spoke: John Chandler, Mark Kazanoff, Tony Harrison

The Buzzmill: Ali Holder

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul: Paul Oscher, Bobby Patterson, Honey Gun

Cafe’ Mueller: Brandon Hughes

Carousel Lounge: All Scene Eye Showcase

Central Market Westgate: Lost and Nameless

Cheatham Street Warehouse: The Hello

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Violet Vonder Haar, Ruth Acuff, Zorya, Future Kings, Kristen Ford,

Chuggin Monkey: The Howling Tongues

The Continental Club Gallery: Kalu James, Red Young

Cypress Creek Cafe: Paul Renna

Dizzy Rooster: Boswell, DogHouse Swine, Andromeda Theory, Hector Anchondo Band

Donn’s Depot: Danny Britt

Evangeline Cafe: Lobby Boys

Fado: Wonder(expletive)

Freddies Place: Teddy Long, 35MM

Giddy-Ups: Mark Jungers, Jaime Wyatt, Tex Smith

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon: Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review, Alvin Crow

Gruene Hall: Chubby Knuckle Choir

Hanovers Draught Haus: Scottish Thunder

Hole In The Wall: Possessed by Paul James, Willy Tea Taylor, Austin Lucas, the Boomswagglers, Last Chance Records

Holy Mountain: Jesse Dayton, Whiskey Shivers, the Giving Tree Band, Humming House, Dawn and Hawkes, Possessed by Paul James, Ray Wylie Hubbard

Junior’s Ice House: One Resistance

Lone Star Court: Colt Landon Baker

Maria’s Taco Express: Hilary Scott, Pi Jacobs

Moontower Saloon: Eddie and the Evereadys

On the Rocks: Bonnie Lang

Poodie’s: Wink Keziah, Adam Lopez and His Rhythm Review

Rattle Inn: Somebody’s Darling

Riley’s Tavern: Ted Russell Kamp

River Road Icehouse: Young Dubliners, Austin Gilliam

The Roost: Jason Eady

Roots Bistro: Mike McCarthy

Satellite Bistro: Paul Klemperer and Manteca Beat

Sherlock’s: Alicia Adkins

Spiderhouse Café & Ballroom: Shmu, Ghost Wolves, Mutts

Spinners: Cory Taylor Cox, J.W. Teller, the Coordinates, Spoken Nerd

Strange Brew: Deadman

The Thirsty Nickel: Kristen Cothron and the Darkside, Troy Petty

Threadgill’s: Randy Brown, Bob Schneider, Hayes Carll, Alyse Black, Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, Keith Rea, Bob Slaughter

Triple Crown: Typical Girls, Period Bomb, Lesser Antilles, Talk Radio

The White Horse: Leo Rondeau, Silas Lowe, Robert Banta, Doug Strahan, Ramsay, Anthony Ray Wright

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