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Meet our 2013 Cutest Couple in Austin winner


Meet this year's cute couple winner submitted by Shantanu Banerjee. Shantanu and his girl are high school sweethearts. Determined millennials, they weather the difficulties of managing a long-distance relationship with good humor, lots of love and modern technology. We wish love and happiness on Valentine's Day and throughout the year to this couple and all the rest of our cute couple participants. You're all winners in our book.

How did you meet?

We met freshman year of high school in algebra II when I helped her with a homework problem, but we didn't start dating until just over a year ago (in the middle of senior year of high school).

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

 Send her flowers (she's 2000+ miles away in Boston) and then have a Skype date where we open gifts we sent to each other, have dinner together and watch our favorite show ('How I Met your Mother'). It's not most peoples' ideal valentine's date, but it's the best we can do over long distance and it's still just as fun since what makes the day is her company.

What's the most romantic thing to do in Austin?

Darn this is a tough one. I've never been a country music fan but, the Broken Spoke downtown is a great excuse to dance with your date, learn two-step, and served as both a perfect and unlikely romantic first date spot. I was tied between that and just desert at Cafe Crepe near Second Street in the evening followed by a rickshaw ride downtown. You can decide which sounds preferable because I can't seem to.

What do you plan to do with your prize?

We'll probably split it and use it to gift each other, but since I'm back here in Austin to pick it up, I might just use it all on her and send her something that reminds her of home.