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Like a Local: Tolly Moseley

Arianna Auber

Tolly Moseley isn’t afraid to suspend herself in mid-air with only a long stream of hanging cloth to hold onto and use to glide up and down, striking graceful poses. In fact, she has made a hobby out of it.

Every week, she goes to the Blue Lapis Light studio in Oak Hill, off Texas 71, to practice aerial silk in classes available to anyone interested in learning the careful art of climbing, wrapping or dropping on a suspended length of fabric. It’s an exercise she finds exhilarating.

“Silks changed my life, because it makes me focus. For an hour and a half at a time, I’m not doing any multi-tasking,” Moseley said, a practice that is important to her because of how often she is otherwise plugged in, constantly using a computer or a phone throughout the day as a freelance writer.

She has shown off her aerial silk skills at the Swan Dive, a venue off Red River Street, and she is presenting them again at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center on Friday and Saturday with more than 30 other students. In the advanced level of classes, she will perform three pieces, one with two of the dancers in Blue Lapis Light’s last company show, “Heaven Earth One.”

And come May, if she decides to try out for Blue Lapis Light’s company, she just might be among the aerial dancers at the company’s next show at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.

Another favorite activity of Moseley’s is yoga at Dharma Yoga on Guadalupe Street. Of all the yoga studios in town, she likes this one because each class sets an intention. “Today, we’re focusing on patience,” the instructor will say. It’s become such a fixture in her life that she now intends to build a yoga studio of her own at her home and is working on becoming certified to teach.

But the “self-helpy” yoga isn’t for everyone, and Moseley said that her husband, Ross, prefers the more intense bikram yoga offered at Yoga Groove off Shoal Creek Boulevard. “It’s the great yoga rivalry of 2012,” Moseley joked.

In addition to yoga and aerial silk, she is a writer who loves Austin. Her blog, Austin Eavesdropper, charts the city’s thriving creative culture, with profiles, reviews, tales of nights on the town and many other types of posts capturing a loyal audience and a sense of Austin as a mecca for artist entrepreneurs.

The blog has served as a launchpad for other opportunities, Moseley said, including a show on YouTube’s Hungry channel that explores the food in some of Austin’s neighborhoods. For her first “Hungry in…” episode, she strolled down South Lamar Boulevard for Lick Ice Creams, Henri’s Cheese and Wine and Barley Swine. Most recently, she visited Hyde Park and stopped into Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, Mother’s Cafe and Garden, Daily Juice and the Hyde Park Market (or the U.N., as she calls it, because of all the flags hanging off the front of the store).

The show, which began airing in September and features good food in other cities, has been fun for Moseley, and she hopes it gets renewed. Or better yet, that someday she has a show about Austin of her very own.