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Filling the stands

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Most Texans know what the most popular sporting activity to attend is, and (hint) it's not Bocce. Here is how more than 1,700 people responded when asked what sporting events they attended during the previous 12 months. Respondents could, and did, make multiple selections. Three sporting events clearly lead the field. The results show a very broad range of interests.

High school football 18%

Round Rock Express baseball 14%

University of Texas football 13%

UT men's basketball 8%

UT baseball 5%

Houston Astros baseball 5%

Texas Stars ice hockey 3%

Pro rodeo 3%

San Antonio Spurs basketball 3%

WWE (pro wrestling) 2%

Dallas Cowboys football 2%

Baylor sports event (any) 2%

UT women's basketball 2%

Texas A&M football 2%

Houston Texans football 1%

Austin Toros basketball 1%


Texas A&M basketball 1%

Texas Motor Speedway 1%

IndyCar Series 1%

Source: Scarborough Research, 1,773 interviews, Austin-Round Rock MSA.