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Austin forecast: a little something for everyone

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Here in Central Texas, we seem to get just about every type of weather imaginable. There's truly something for everyone!

With colorful displays of wildflowers and mild temperatures, springtime is absolutely beautiful, but it is typically the stormiest time of year. It's not uncommon to see hail, heavy downpours, strong winds and even a small tornado now and then.

Shortly after Memorial Day, summer arrives in Austin several weeks before the calendar says it should. The heat and humidity often last well past Labor Day. However, our summers are sometimes interrupted by a tropical threat from the Gulf of Mexico.

Even though dangerous hurricane winds aren't an issue this far inland, the rain from these giant storms can trigger flooding, especially in the Hill Country. In fact, due to our unique terrain, the threat of flooding is something we need to be aware of year-round.

The first cold fronts of the fall typically arrive in October, with brisk northerly winds bringing welcome change. Many Austinites think that the cooler temperatures and lower humidity make the perfect combination for outdoor activities.

Winters are typically mild but can be wildly unpredictable. One day may be sunny and warm; the next could be windy and cold. A few flurries will fly from time to time, but we rarely have enough snow to make a decent-size snowball.

Beware of ice storms, however. They've been known to shut down the city, although usually only for a few hours at a time. The next day, the sun is likely to be back out quickly melting away any trace of our short burst of winter.

Yes, Austin's weather has something for everyone, and it's always fun to forecast!

— Mark Murray, chief meteorologist, KVUE-TV, Austin