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Noble Sandwich Co. is closing on Burnet Road but has plans for future

Matthew Odam
Seared beef tongue at Noble Sandwich Co. Matthew Odam/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

An early mover in the modern Austin dining scene is hitting pause to regroup. Noble Sandwich Co., which chefs John Bates and Brandon Martinez started in 2010, is closing the Burnet Road store that opened in 2014. The deli will serve its final meal sometime this weekend, though owners are already eyeing the future.

The deli was one of the first to apply an artisan-scratch made ethos to elevated sandwich making, drawing raves for their duck pastrami, pork belly and beef tongue, along with housemade sides and condiments. 

Bates said the decision, which they’d been slowly moving toward for awhile, came due to the high rent and fixed costs of the location. He also pointed to third-party delivery companies cutting into profits as a detriment to business, so much so that Bates and Martinez do not allow them at their Interstellar BBQ.

"If you have an agreement with them they take 20 to 30 percent of the sale. A large segment of customers expect that service," Bates wrote to the Statesman. "Instead of coming in to the restaurant, they pay more for delivery and it does not help the local restaurant. We would have been better off offering delivery ourselves in retrospect."

Following closure, Bates and Martinez will focus their efforts on revamping the menu at their trailer, for which they hope to find a permanent location soon.

“I would like to take the menu and freshen it up a bit to reflect current dining trends,” Bates said.

Once they have dialed in their new menu and feel comfortable with the new operation, Bates says he plans to find a location in the suburbs and reopen the Noble Sandwich Co. deli.

Bates says they have found another restaurant group to take over the space, though he was not able to share the name of the new tenant.

Bates and Martinez also opened Interstellar BBQ earlier this year on RM 620 near the original Noble Pig. We gave it a rave review earlier this year and placed it in the Top 5 of Austin barbecue spots.


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