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New burger series at Hopdoddy highlights restaurant’s love of craft beer

Arianna Auber

The immensely popular Hopdoddy Burger Bar chain, founded in Austin but now boasting 25 locations across six states, is more deeply diving into the beer and burger pairings it has always offered with a new series.

Hopdoddy has focused on beer from the beginning; there’s a reference, ‘hop,’ to the boozy beverage in its name, after all. Now, patrons have an additional way to explore the irresistible match of beer and burgers with the restaurant’s Brew Series.

Each month, the chosen beer and burger pairing rotates as a menu special. Hopdoddy creates a limited-edition burger featuring a particular style of beer as an ingredient — this month, Austin’s beloved Live Oak Hefeweizen. The beer is also featured on the draft wall. 

There are only a couple days left to enjoy June’s Brew Series burger, the Kahuna. In it, a chicken patty is layered with cilantro lime mayo, hefeweizen teriyaki sauce, a soy-glazed pineapple slice and avocado. And don’t forget to enjoy the Live Oak Hefeweizen with it, of course.

“Collectively, we decided that Live Oak was our go-to for this burger,” Matt Shweitzer, Hopdoddy’s director of food and beverage, said. “The Kahuna Burger uses the Bavarian-inspired wheat beer as an ingredient to create a hefeweizen teriyaki sauce reminiscent of Hawaiian dishes. The sweetness in the beer complements the sauce, savory chicken patty and tart pineapple perfectly.”

In July, Hopdoddy’s Austin locations will introduce the Sweet Carolina Gold Burger as its next Brew Series burger. Like the Kahuna, it’s a meaty variation away from the usual beef patty, with pulled pork, backyard slaw and a Carolina Gold BBQ sauce featuring Strange Land Brewery’s Saison. The citrus and tropical fruit-forward hoppy ale will also be on tap.

The series, according to Shweitzer, is decided first by choosing a beer style. 

“For upcoming Brew Series pairings, we have a list of beer styles in mind and we use those to guide the direction of our burger pairings,” he said.

Hopdoddy’s Brew Series is part of a recent revamping of the menu that introduced new French fries, milkshake flavors and more.