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EXCLUSIVE: Here's the Texas Craft Brewers Festival beer list

Arianna Auber
Texas Craft Brewers Festival will have beers from nearly 80 breweries, including a series of rotating taps offering something extra special from select beer makers. The main beer list was released Thursday. [Contributed by John Pesina]

The Texas Craft Brewers Festival is routinely one of the best ways to get a sense, a taste, of the state's thriving beer industry. This year, nearly 80 breweries will offer almost 200 beers at Fiesta Gardens on Sept. 28 (and that's not even counting the 27 more that are part of the rotating tap list, the rarer stuff that release at certain times throughout the day).

That's a whole lot of beer, more than you'll ever be able to drink in one day. But today, we're revealing the main beer list, and with it in hand, you can start deciding which booths you want to focus on and which might be worth skipping. Haven't bought tickets yet? Those are still available on the Texas Craft Brewers Festival website — general admission, granting entry to the fest at 2 p.m., are $40.

It's a lot to parse, but there are immediate highlights for Austinites who are looking to try brews they can't get here. Those include Houston's B-52 Brewing's new hazy double IPA, A Couple of Juice Bags, made in collaboration with SpindleTap Brewery. Ingenious is another Houston-area brewery known for its hazy IPAs like the C800 and for decadent stouts like the Coconut Caramel Delight, both on the beer list.

Additional options to seek out? Weathered Souls from San Antonio brings an imperial golden stout; farther south, from Corpus Christi, Lorelei Brewing will have a Galaxy SMaSh IPA (a single hop, single malt beer, that is). The festival also offers a first taste of an Austin brewery that isn't quite open yet — Hopsquad Brewing, near Circle, will have a pale ale and saison at its booth.

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Here's the full list of beers from across Texas. Rotating taps will be revealed next week. Keep in mind the list is subject to change based on availability of the beer and other factors.

(512) Nut Brown

(512) Juicy IPA

4th Tap Brut of All Evil with watermelon and strawberry

4th Tap Bat Country Coffee Stout

4th Tap Brewing Highland Scoundrel Scotch Ale

5 Stones Artisan Brewery Shepherd Warrior IPA

5 Stones Melo Rainbow Saison

8th Wonder People's Champ Kristallweizen

8th Wonder Boysenberry Haterade Gose

Alamo Golden Ale

Alamo Russian Imperial Coffee Milk Stout

Altstadt Brewery Lager

Altstadt Brewery Kolsch

Altstadt Brewery Hefeweizen

AquaBrew Swine Dive IPA

AquaBrew Ape-pricot Wheat Ale

Armadillo Ale Works Honey Please Honey Blonde Ale

Armadillo Ale Works Tropical Squeeze Fruited Sour

Astral Brewing Kraftwerk Kolsch

Astral Brewing Nebulous Pale Ale

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Negra Royale Munich-Style Dunkel

Austin Beer Garden Brewing American-Style Pilsner

Austin Beerworks Montecore Oktoberfest

Austin Beerworks Hydraulic Lunch Hazy Double IPA

Austin Beerworks Brett IPA

Austin Beerworks Liquid Concussion Imperial Stout with vanilla and cacao nibs

Austin Beerworks Sun Shovel Wheat Beer

Austin Beerworks Amber Vision Amber Ale

B-52 Brewing A Couple of Juice Bags Hazy Double IPA

B-52 Brewing Imperial Fruit Sour

Black Star Co-Op Roze Sap Sour Guava Ale

Black Star Co-op Hop Ons Juicy Hazy IPA

Blue Owl Brewing Little Smokey Gose

Blue Owl Brewing Double Dapper Devil Sour Raspberry Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Blue Owl Brewing Tiki Hop Totem Sour Tropical IPA

Blue Owl Brewing Plum de Plume Sour Harvest Ale with plums and spice

Blue Owl Brewing Professor Black Sour Cherry Stout

Blue Owl Brewing Cool & the Gang Sour Summer Beer with fresh lemon zest

Bluebonnet Beer Co. Oktoberfest

Bluebonnet Trophy Buckle IPA

Buffalo Bayou Crush City IPA

Buffalo Bayou Dreamsicle Blonde with orange and vanilla

Circle Brewing Blur Texas Hefe South German-Style Hefeweizen

Circle Brewing Tuxedo T-Shirt Black IPA

Community Beer Co. Citra Slice IPA

Community Beer Co. Texas Lager

Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde

Deep Ellum IPA

Deep Ellum Neato Bandito Mexican-Style Lager

Deep Ellum Play Date American Sour Ale

Eureka Heights Mini Boss IPA

Eureka Heights Wow Factor Mandarina Pilsner

Family Business Beer Co. Hamilton Pale Ale

Family Business Beer Co. Golden German-Style Pilsner

Family Business Beer Co. El Saico! Single Hop Hazy IPA

Flix Brewhouse Nebulas Hazy IPA

Flix Brewhouse Das Umlaut Oktoberfest

Fredonia Brewery Professional Texan Kolsch

Fredonia Brewery Hefeweizen

Freetail Brewing Bat Outta Helles

Freetail Brewing Oktoberfiesta Biere de Mars

Friends & Allies Hibernia Jameson Barrel-Aged Belgian Ale

Friends & Allies Govalle Tropical IPA

Frontyard Brewing Rye IPA

Frontyard Brewing Coffee Milk Stout

Great Heights Brewing Lager-ish Kolsch

Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets Hazy IPA

Hi Sign Brewing Berto the Mexican Lager

Hi Sign Brewing Violet the Blueberry Blonde Ale

Hi Sign Brewing Hi-C Hazy IPA

Hi Sign Brewing Super Astronaut Imperial IPA

Holler Brewing Dollar Pils Y'all German Pilsner

Holler Brewing Real Good Hops Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Hops & Grain Lupulin Rodeo Hazy IPA

Hops & Grain River Beer American Lager

Hops & Grain Haze County Double IPA

Hops & Grain Beachfront Rodeo IPA

Hops & Grain FineTime Pilsner

Hopsquad Brewing Professor Pleasant Pale Ale

Hopsquad Brewing Comtesse de Duval Saison

Ingenious Brewing C800 Imperial IPA

Ingenious Brewing Coconut Caramel Delight Russian Imperial Stout

Jester King Brewery Mr. Mingo Farmhouse Ale with roselle hibiscus

Jester King Brewery Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer

Kunstler Brewing Cashmere Hefeweizen

Kunstler Brewing Hawaiian Fog New England IPA

Lake Austin Ales Juicy IPA

Lake Austin Ales Juicy Blonde Ale

Lakewood Brewing Lemon Ale

Lakewood Brewing Peanut Butter Temptress

Last Stand Brewing Texas Forever Lager

Last Stand Brewing Citra SMaSH IPA

Lazarus Brewing Lil Bruder Pilsner

Lazarus Brewing Walks on Water IPA

Lazy Beach Kombucha

Lazy Beach Taco Bout Wit

Legal Draft Beer Co. Hazeas Corpus New England IPA

Legal Draft Beer Co. Fall Guy Autumn Lager

Live Oak Brewing Grodziskie Smoked Wheat Beer

Live Oak Brewing Gose

Lone Pint Brewery 667 The Neighbor of the Beast IPA

Lone Pint Tornado Shark American Strong Ale

Lorelei Brewing Munich Dunkel

Lorelei Brewing Galaxy SMaSH IPA

Middleton Brewing Juicy Visions IPA

Middleton Black Lab Porter

North by Northwest Guava Zombie Dragon IPA

North by Northwest Dude, Where's My Scooter Hazy IPA

Oak Highlands Brewery Freaky Deaky Belgian Tripel

Oak Highlands What Limes with Cucumber Gose

Oasis Texas Brewing Metamodern IPA

Oasis Texas Brewing Sunset Cerveza Mexican-Style Vienna Lager

Oddwood Ales Minitel Saison

Oddwood Ales Pool Dad Pilsner

Orf Brewing Copperbock

Orf Brewing Zaydorf Bourbon Applewood Aged Amber-Black Ale

Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Citrus IPA

Oskar Blues Saloon Juice Texas Amber Lager

Oskar Blues Austiner Weisse Berliner Weisse-Style Ale

Peticolas Brewing Bicycle Pump German Pilsner

Peticolas Brewing Velvet Hammer Imperial Red Ale

Pinthouse Pizza Fully Adrift Unfiltered West Coast-style Double IPA

Pinthouse Pizza Wet Hop Green Battles Wet Hop IPA

Pondaseta Brewing The Fast & The Hazy New England IPA

Pondaseta Brewing I Raise Wolf Hybrids Dry-Hopped Pilsner

Rahr & Sons Brewing Paleta de Mango Kolsch-Style Ale

Rahr & Sons Brewing Adios Pantalones Session Wheat Ale

Ranger Creek Sunday Morning Coming Down British Strong Ale with coffee

Ranger Creek Oktoberfest

Real Ale Hans Pils

Real Ale Blakkr Imperial Black Ale

Real Ale Fresh Kicks Hazy IPA

Red Horn Todo El Dia Mexican-Style Pale Lager

Red Horn House United Coffee Stout

Red Horn Choomerang Kapow American Wheat IPA

Rentsch Brewery Double Rumtoberfest

Rentsch Brewery Doppeldunkelweizenbock

Roughhouse Brewing Ona Farmhouse Amber with cherries

Roughhouse Brewing Treeform Farmhouse IPA

Saint Arnold Guten Tag Marzen

Saint Arnold Art Car IPA

Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Kolsch

Saint Arnold Texas Peche Fruited Berliner Weisse

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator 2013 Pumpkin Imperial Stout

Saint Arnold 25th Anniversary Grand Cru

San Gabriel River Brewery IPA

San Gabriel River Brewery Wee Heavy

Skull Mechanix Brewing Wahrsager Northern German-Style Pilsner

Skull Mechanix Brewing Horimana Dry Japanese Style Light Lager

Southern Heights Brewing Tahitian Dreamin' Hazy IPA

Southern Heights Brewing Jam Session Raspberry Sour

Southern Star Brewing Texas Golden Bock

Southern Star Local 2731 Light Blonde Ale

SpindleTap Brewery Faded Double IPA

SpindleTap Brewery Houston Haze Hazy IPA

St. Elmmo Brewing Carl Kolsch

St. Elmo Brewing Yolanda Tropical IPA

Texas Beer Co. Hoppy Duck IPA

Texas Beer Co. Pecos Amber Lager

The Brewtorium Pillow Fort Hazy Pale Ale

The Brewtorium Tiny Boombox Fruited Gose

Thirsty Planet Truck Pop'n IPA

Thirsty Planet Smittlefest German-Style Marzen

True Anomaly Brewing Contact Light Dry-Hopped Saison

True Anomaly Brewing Unless Berliner Weisse

True Vine Brewing Daddy's Juice Box Double IPA

True Vine Galactic Minotaurt Gose

TUPPS Brewery DDH IPA Series 14, New England-style IPA

TUPPS Brewery Full Grown Beast Imperial Stout with coffee and chocolate

TUPPS Brewery DDH IPA Series 14, Horchata, New England-Style Milkshake IPA

Twin Peaks Dirty Blonde American Wit

Twin Peaks La Guera Mexican-Style Lager

Two Wheel Brewing Azaccalypse Now American Pale Ale

Two Wheel Race Pointe New England IPA

Vista Brewing Dark Skies Black Pilsner

Vista Brewing Merriwether Hefeweizen with foraged ingredients

Weathered Souls Brewing Don't Drop That Cake Imperial Golden Stout

Weather Souls Duel in the Sun American Lager

Whitestone Brewery Oktoberfest

Whitestone Brewery 8.5 Minute Abs Imperial Hazy IPA

Wild Acre Texas Blonde Ale

Wild Acre Billy Jenkins German-Style Bock

Wild Acre Mango Tangerine Sour

Zilker Brewing Wet Hop Heavenly Daze American IPA

Zilker Brewing Chaos Magic Kettle Sour