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With 'Stranger Things' back, Austin hotel bar gets turned upside down

Arianna Auber
The L'Eggo My Eggo Martini is just one of the outlandish cocktails available at the themed cocktail bar at the W Austin in July. [Contributed by W Austin]

During the holiday season last year, the W Austin transformed the hideaway Secret Bar into a Grinch-inspired haunt called the Who-tel Bar. Nearly a week after the return of the Netflix hit "Stranger Things," the bar will open with a very different sort of transformation.

It's not exactly "Stranger Things"-themed, per se, so the hotel can avoid obvious copyright infringement issues, cease-and-desist letters and the like. But you'll get the point pretty quickly: Secret Bar will deliver throwback thrills from some of the most beloved scary movies and TV shows of and about the 1980s and '90s. You're not just going to find appropriate decor but also food and drink from that era. When was the last time you had pizza bites?

"You'll lose your head with a tricked-out display of your favorite movies from the era that taught us to always check caller ID," according to the W Austin. "Follow the rules and you'll survive this summer with our killer lineup of rad bar cocktails and signature bites that bring back memories of summer vacay."

The description of the cocktails on the menu won't give you a sense of what's in them — but, then again, their ingredients aren't really the point at a bar like this one. Just know that one is probably going to come in a Capri Sun-like pouch, one is a margarita that will have you livin' la vida loca like Ricky Martin, and another is a toasted waffle-flavored martini garnished with — what else? — an Eggo waffle.

Are you ready for the premise of this place? It might feel a little like Halloween in July. Which, frankly, sounds rad.

"We’ve seen our Secret Bar at W Austin slowly transform in recent weeks as more mysteries keep unfolding. Covered in unnatural black vines that continue to ensnare this room and unexpected surprises throughout the evening, we’re prepared for the End with our list of emergency supplies. Stay hydrated with some of our carefully crafted elixirs and never go exploring on an empty stomach," says the W Austin press release.

What's happening might be a government cover-up "or the start of an apocalypse right out of a sci-fi flick — all we know is things haven’t been the same since we began noticing this strange phenomenon," the W Austin's description goes on. "Be careful where you venture, you might get lost in our Upside Down Bar."

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Well, there you have it. Eleven is probably not going to appear out of the shadows needing your help, but you should still be prepared for anything at the Secret Bar.

The Summer Slasher Series, as it's being called, runs every Wednesday-Saturday night in July starting this week at 200 Lavaca St. Season three of "Stranger Things" debuted on Netflix on July 4 (because nothing says freedom like binging an entire TV show, y'know).