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Jaws on the Water is back for summer scares on Lake Travis

Arianna Auber
Jaws on the Water returns to the moon-dappled waters of Lake Travis every Saturday night this summer starting June 8. [Contributed by Rolling Roadshow]

DUHHH-dun. The two most terrifying musical notes in cinematic history will take on an even more chilling effect this summer when the Alamo Drafthouse’s most popular Rolling Roadshow event, Jaws on the Water, returns to Lake Travis.

During 10 steamy summer nights starting Saturday, you won’t just be watching the classic “Jaws” — you’ll be viewing it in inner tubes at the Volente Beach Resort, feet dangling freely, tantalizingly, into the depthless black water of the lake. (Where, if you can handle it, scuba divers will be waiting to provide in-real-life scares at the same time the residents of Amity Island, onscreen, realize they're going to need a bigger boat.)

Tickets this year are $45, 10 bucks cheaper than last year, perhaps because they don't include the cost of the inner tube. But they do provide access to the resort's waterpark rides and attractions if you show up early.

New this year is that there are three inner tube options. You can purchase one inspired by the float that young "Jaws" victim Alex Kintner was on when he was attacked, either buying it on-site or as an add-on to your ticket. Or you can bring the one you picked up from a past Jaws on the Water screening (these are pretty nifty, with headrests and cup holders) or any other one at 53 inches in diameter or less. Loaners will also be available.

Thinking you're going to need a drink or two to handle all that excitement? The waterpark has multiple outdoor bars; plus, pop-ups will be set up on the beach specifically for the Saturday night screenings. (During the film, you might have to paddle a short distance to get to them.)

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Jaws on the Water runs every Saturday night this summer starting this weekend through Aug. 17 (although there's no show July 6). It's recommended that you come early to the Volente Beach Resort — as early as 6 p.m. — so you can enjoy all the attractions, including the rides and beach bar, before the film starts around 8:45 p.m., when the sun sets.

It’ll also end with a bang. From fireworks, that is.

You can buy tickets via Eventbrite to any of the screenings; depending on availability, passes may also be sold at the door, debit or credit card only.