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Austin Eastciders' newest flavor, Watermelon, readies us for summer

Arianna Auber
Austin Eastciders' newest flavor, Watermelon Cider, releases just in time for summer with an initial launch this weekend. [Contributed by Kirsten Kaiser]

So far, Austin Eastciders has released a rainbow of flavors guaranteeing we have a cider for every season and holiday we could possibly celebrate — a Spiced Cider for the fall, a Brut Cider for our New Years toasting and a Rosé Cider for pretty much any day in Austin.

And now we have one that will get us in the mood for summertime barbecues and pool parties. Eastciders launches a Watermelon Cider this weekend exclusively at its Springdale Road taproom. A limited release like the Brut Cider, the Watermelon Cider won't be widely available until late this spring, although there is one other place you can get it for now: in a 12-can summer variety pack.

The new cider has plenty of that watermelon taste you're probably hoping for, according to Eastciders.

“What’s more refreshing than fresh-cut watermelon on a hot summer day? Watermelon blended into a crisp, cold, dry cider,” Brittnay Perlo, Eastciders' master cidermaker said in a news release. “Our watermelon cider is the driest of our fruit flavors and has a refreshing bite of watermelon and honeydew on the front with the classic dry finish of our ciders.”

Look for the Watermelon Cider on draft and in six-packs in the local market by June, when the exploding local brand plans to have it officially rolled out by. It'll stick around long enough to fuel all our summer activities ahead.

In the meantime, Eastciders is throwing a launch party for the Watermelon Cider on April 20 (which you can attend in between all the 4/20 happenings and other events this weekend). Have your first taste of what the cidery is calling "summer in in a pint glass" while enjoying games, a raffle and live music. It'll feel like summer has come early — without the season's ridiculously high temperatures. The launch runs from 12 to 6 p.m. on April 20.

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