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Too manly for rosé? You can now try 'brosé' from The Austin winery

Abigail Rosenthal
A glass of rosé. (Contributed by Cafe 605)

If you have ever looked at your glass of rosé and thought, "Darn, I wish this drink made me feel manlier," then there's a solution to your plight.

In an ode to bros everywhere, The Austin Winery is celebrating its release of "brosé" next week at Shangri La. There, you can try a free sample of the limited release while flexing your big strong man muscles, just like the muscles seen on the label.

Brosé comes in a stubby bottle -- no need for delicate stemmed wine glasses here. "BROSÉ: Wine for Bros" is likely meant for forcefully clinking over a big plate of nachos while you watch the Super Bowl, or March Madness, or whatever sporting event happens to be going on right now.

No telling what makes brosé different from regular rosé just yet, besides the bottle. It's still pink, but that's really the biggest benefit of rosé anyway.

The Austin Winery will serve up some free samples during happy hour on April 5, where brosé will also be available for purchase.

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