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Your newest Austin Eastciders flavor is the most unusual one yet

Arianna Auber
Austin Eastciders' newest Maker's Stash flavor draws in the winter-friendly flavors of pear and rosemary. [Contributed]

Austin's most prolific cidery has created ciders with ruby red grapefruit, pineapple, and even hops that are normally used in beer. Now, the latest flavor from Austin Eastciders is a wintry mixture of two ingredients you might not expect with cider — pear and rosemary.

The Pear Rosemary Cider is part of the cidery's Maker's Stash series, which focuses on experimental limited releases. The series of unusual cider concepts debuted last summer with the snappy Lemon Ginger Cider and continues with one that is at a slightly higher alcohol by volume than most Eastciders cans.

"This complex cider hits the taste buds with the culinary freshness of rosemary on the front and undertones of sweet pear on the finish,” Brittany Perlo, Eastciders' recently promoted master cidermaker, said in a press release. “This flavor was first created as a small-batch cider for our taproom. It sold out within hours, and we knew we had to bring this delicious cider back for everyone to experience.”

Available in bright green cans now, the 6.6 percent ABV cider is made with bittersweet apples; a blend of bright Anjou, Bartlett, Comice and Bosc pears; and a touch of rosemary for its herbaceous accent. Pear might not seem as random a fruit to use as you might imagine, as it's a common sweetener in cider and gets blended with apple juice. But pear juice can also get fermented on its own, without apple, and the resulting beverage is called a perry.

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Eastciders has been churning out quite a few seasonal and small-batch ciders of late. In addition to mainstays like the Blood Orange Cider, flavors that have been tailored to the seasons have come in cans, too, including fall's Spiced Cider and the previous winter release of Texas Brut. The latter, thanks to its effervescence, was a handy local alternative to the usual New Year's Eve toast of champagne last year.

Maker's Stash has differentiated itself from other Eastciders offerings by its can design — the Austin-bred and Brooklyn-based artist Steffi Lynn added green-hued illustrations of pears and rosemary to the can, which comes in six-packs in all Eastciders markets.

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