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'A glorious day': Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford's son Cody marries actress Erika Brown

Cody Gifford, the son of Kathie Lee and her late husband, Frank, has married his longtime love, actress Erika Brown.

Kathie Lee proudly proclaimed the Labor Day weekend nuptials on Instagram with a photograph of her son looking into the eyes of his new wife as the newlyweds walked hand-in-hand.

"God gave us a glorious day to celebrate this glorious couple," Kathie Lee wrote in the photo caption. "So grateful.🙏🏻"

Brown posted a photo on Instagram of the couple embracing, writing, "Happily Ever After, 𝑚𝑎𝑡𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑤 19:6."

Kathie Lee, whose daughter, Cassidy, married in June, wrote under her new daughter-in-law's photograph, "Cody married!! Cassidy married! I am the happiest mama in the world!"

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"It’s been a hard year for so many. For us, our wedding was the brightest ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds," Brown tells USA TODAY in a statement. "Surrounded by only our most immediate family, and with all necessary precautions respected, it was hands down the most blessed and perfect day of our lives."

Kathie Lee had shared the news of her son's engagement in May 2019 with a stunning smooch shot of the couple on Instagram. "My son is engaged and I couldn’t be happier for him and (Erika),” she wrote at the time.

The couple has been together since 2013.

Erika Brown and Cody Gifford embrace in a wedding photo Brown captions, "Happily ever after."

The small wedding had its joyful hiccups. Brown posted a photo of her personalized veil which arrived with a noticeable mistake. "It’s supposed to say 'The' but says 'TTE' 😂. This is 2020 ladies and gents," she wrote.

"This is what life and love is all about!!" Kathie Lee wrote in the comment section. "(Expletive) happens and you make a casserole out of it!!"

After the weekend's ceremony, Gifford wrote on Instagram that her beloved pooch Bambino was "worn out," but "happy for the bride and groom!"

NFL Hall of Famer and broadcast legend Frank Gifford died in 2015. In July, Kathie Lee gave an emotional farewell to Regis Philbin, her friend and longtime co-host on "Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee." 

Kathie Lee Gifford's family sits in the audience during her last appearance on "Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee" on July 28, 2000: Cody, Cassidy and husband Frank.

The two had lunch at her Connecticut home with Philbin's wife Joy just two weeks before Philbin died at age 88.

"I think he was like Frank. He was just ready, you know?," Kathie Lee said on the "Today" show. "And (Joy Philbin) said, 'The day that we came to have lunch with you was the last time I heard him laugh.' That will forever be a precious gift the Lord gave me, that I got to laugh again with one of my best friends in all my lifetime."