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SCOOP: Portland Pickles mascots have beef with zucchinis and, more troubling, cucumbers

Kelsey Bradshaw
Austin 360

In shocking news, the mascots of the Portland Pickles baseball team told the American-Statesman they have issues with zucchinis and cucumbers, the vegetables that look most like pickles.

It is especially scandalous as pickles are made from cucumbers.

Nathan Jones and Troy Phillips takes a photo with Portland Pickles mascots Dillon the Pickle and Lil' P at Idle Hands on Rainey street on St. Patrick's Day during South by Southwest Thursday, March 17, 2022, in Austin.

Dillon T. Pickle and Lil P, the mascots, spoke with us during South by Southwest on Thursday. They were at Idle Hands on Rainey Street for a day party. 

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The pickles do not speak. Ross Campbell, the general manager of the Portland Pickles, served as our pickle translator during the interview. 

We asked if the pickles had any beef with zucchinis because they look so similar.

"A very ... aggressive, a little bit of beef with zucchinis. A little bit of beef with cucumbers..." Campbell explained while the pickles used their hands to show us how big their feelings were toward the vegetables.

Outside of nemesis vegetables, we discussed the pickles' time in Austin and they gave us their best country dos-si-do. Watch the video for all the juicy details.