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The Dark Side of Art

Staff Writer
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Cathy DeYoung with her crime scene investigator kit. Photo courtesy of David Neff.

Cathy DeYoung processed over six thousand crime scenes as a fingerprint expert with the Los Angeles Police Department (she may or may not be the inspiration for a certain colorful NCIS character [cough, cough]), and her home reflects it. Join Weird Homes Host David J. Neff as he and Cathy explore the LAPD, 9/11, grenade décor, and the impact of changing of a lightbulb.

Check out Cathy's book, Life in the Trenches: A Retrospective here. (Take the red pill!)

Weird Homes is a welcome mat to the most inspirational homes in Austin and beyond. Have you ever walked through your neighborhood, taken a look at a weird house and thought, “who lives there?” or, “what in the world does it look like inside?” We’ve all been curious, but perhaps none more so than Chelle and David J. Neff. They’ve opened the doors and unlatched the windows of dozens of Texas’s strangest homes for thousands of onlookers. Why? To show that design really has no boundaries. And that we would rather neighbors be strange than be strangers. Like many other communities around the world, Austin can be fun, irreverent, outside-the-box, innovative, dynamic, proud, strange and so much more. You just need to know where to look.

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