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Alamo Drafthouse enters the subscription model game ... but not in Texas

Jake Harris

Hot on the heels of American Multi-Cinema Theatres (AMC)Cinemark and MoviePass, Austin’s iconic homegrown theater chain is now testing a subscription-style service for admission.

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Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse announced Monday that they are testing “Alamo Season Pass Beta,” a subscription service for its Victory Member customers that promises unlimited movies and the ability to reserve seats in advance.

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The catch for Austin cinephiles? It’s not being rolled out in Texas.

The Drafthouse has chosen to roll out its first beta test of the new service on July 18 to residents in Yonkers, N.Y.

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Not much else is known about the service, including the price.

Per a news release from Alamo Drafthouse:

“Our guests have been asking for quite some time for us to offer an affordable monthly subscription plan that allows for unlimited movies and the ability to reserve tickets in advance at Alamo Drafthouse. We plan to test a variety of models and pricing structures to see what works as a sustainable model. At this time there's no firm timeline for a wider rollout to other Alamo Drafthouse locations, but when there is we'll let our Alamo Victory loyalty members know first.”

For those Austin360 readers who reside in Yonkers (there’s gotta be some, right?) you can click this link to sign up to test the new service when the beta goes live next month.

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For everyone else, you can sign up on that same link and be put on a waitlist to join if the service ever comes to your city. 

What do y’all think? Would y’all sign up for this? Is this a good thing for the movie theater business? Or are you dreading a day when every piece of content we consume is given to us via a subscription bundle? Sound off in the comments. 

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