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Online dating in Texas isn’t the safest, but it’s not as bad as Alaska, study says

Jake Harris

Looking for love online in Texas? 

You could do better, but you could do a lot worse, according to a new study.

Texas isn’t the best for online dating safety, but it isn’t the worst, either. That’s according to new data from and SafeWise, which teamed up to measure each state’s population compared to its rates of cybercrime, violent crime and sexually transmitted diseases/infections. 

Texas is the 19th worst state for dating— or, if you’re feeling hopelessly romantic, the 32nd best. That’s a bump up from last year's study, where Texas was ranked the 37th best.

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The safest state for online dating was Vermont, while the most dangerous state was Alaska.

Texas was also the 17th worst state for cybercime reports per capita, 18th worst for STD reports per capita and 17th worst for violent crime reports per capita

The reasons for Vermont’s high safety rating goes beyond its low crime, cybercrime and STD rates. The study also points to that state’s progressive stance on sex education in public schools. The state mandates sex ed and HIV education, and does not require parental consent to teach it to students.

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According to a PolitiFact fact check from the American-Statesman, most Texas school districts offered sex ed in some form or fashion during the 2015-2016 school year, but most districts chose to teach it as abstinence only.  That, combined with a generally conservative view on sex throughout the state, could contribute to Texas’ ranking here.

In 2015, a chlamydia outbreak was reported in  Crane County in West Texas, home to a school district that teaches abstinence only sex ed. Nearly two dozen students were diagnosed for the treatable STD in one high school alone, the San Antonio Express-News reported at the time.

Alaska, however, is another story. The study points to its crime and STD rates as the big contributing factors to its ranking. STD reports and violent crime rates are often linked. Alaska is also the least densely populated state in the union and it’s tough to police. 

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As for Texas — keep swiping right (or left) and stay safe.