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One of Dallas’ best breweries comes to Austin next month (but only for one month)

Arianna Auber
Peticolas Brewing will have its draft-only beers available in Austin from July 1-31 this year before returning all the kegs to Dallas.

It’s about to be summer vacation for one Dallas brewery.

Peticolas Brewing is coming to Austin in July — and only in July. As we reported in April, Peticolas will launch its beers into bars and stores across the city on July 1 and then head back to Dallas at the end of the month, in a move the brewery called an “Austin beer vacation.”

It’s the first time Peticolas, which got started in 2011 and quickly became one of DFW’s most popular breweries, has distributed outside of a 39-mile radius. For founder Michael Peticolas, it’s a way to introduce Austinites to the quirky brand without overstaying its welcome. 

All Peticolas beers are draft-only. At the time of the April announcement, the Austin bars and stores (note: those with draft lines) weren’t yet lined up, but Peticolas now has a starting list of places participating in the beer vacation. Here’s where you can find the brews in two weeks.

Beers that you are likely to see in Austin include Velvet Hammer Imperial Red Ale, Sit Down or I’ll Sit You Down Imperial IPA, Golden Opportunity Kolsch, Royal Scandal English Pale Ale and Great Scot! Scottish Ale. Velvet Hammer, Sit Down and Golden Opportunity will be the easiest to find.

For more about Peticolas’ foray into Austin, visit the Peticolas Brewing website.


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