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Joanna Gaines’ daughter has a summer baking business — what would be yours?

Addie Broyles

Joanna Gaines’ daughter, Ella, is already has a summer job.

The former “Fixer Upper” star posted a photo on Instagram today of the young baker and her goods, which she’s selling at the Magnolia headquarters in Waco.

Joanna Gaines says she has been baking some of her family’s favorite recipes, some of which appear in her mom’s cookbook that came out this spring.

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Making day-off baking plans? Try these pound cakes in jars

Ella made her Aunt Opal’s banana pudding and the chocolate chip cookies from her mom’s cookbook this week, which got me thinking, which recipes would I make and sell — in jars or otherwise — for a summer business?

I’d make iced lemon cookies or my sister’s world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Or these Snickerdoodle bars from “Bravetart” by Stella Parks.

Cake pops! For an even easier project, you could make “deconstructed cake pops in a jar” and net a pretty penny in sales.

These gluten-free chiffon cake and chocolate ganache recipes would be perfect to serve inside a small Mason jar. You could even take a cue from Ella and tie some twine and a spoon around the top to boost sales.

My very favorite summer cake recipe is that upside down peach cake, which I’m sure I could figure out how to bake in the jars, for easy transport and presentation. Maybe I could even figure out how to bake it in an Instant Pot