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Take a musical trip back in time with ‘An American in Paris’

Staff Writer
Austin 360
“An American in Paris” is the final show in Broadway in Austin’s 2017-2018 season. Contributed by Matthew Murphy

The 1951 film “An American in Paris” was a huge hit in its time, garnering multiple Academy Awards, including ones for best picture and best original screenplay. Given the movie’s enormous success, and its panoply of classic Gershwin tunes, it’s almost surprising that it took more than half a century for the inevitable stage adaptation to hit Broadway.

Now a national tour of that musical is coming to Austin’s Bass Concert Hall, and the show focuses on dance as much as it does music and dialogue.

“The fact is,” the tour’s musical director and conductor, David Andrews Rogers, says, “the storytelling in this show is as much with the feet and the arms as it is with the dialogue and the notes.”

Go to to read our full interview with Rogers and find out more about how he works to make sure the audience will leave “feeling like they spent a couple of hours in 1945.”