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Alamo’s Jaws on the Water is back to scare you while you float on Lake Travis

Arianna Auber
Ever watched a movie by inner tube before? How about a movie like "Jaws"? If that sounds like the perfect summer thrill, don't miss the Alamo Drafthouse's Jaws on the Water.

DUHHH-dun. The two most terrifying musical notes in cinematic history will take on an even more chilling effect this summer when the Alamo Drafthouse’s most popular Rolling Roadshow event, Jaws on the Water, returns.

During 14 steamy summer nights, moviegoers won’t just be watching the classic “Jaws” — they’ll be viewing it in custom inner tubes at the Volente Beach Resort, feet dangling freely, tantalizingly, into the depthless black water of Lake Travis.

A ticket to Jaws on the Water, returning June 15 and continuing Friday and Saturday nights through Aug. 4, costs rather more than the average movie admission at $55, but it’s worth it. Tickets will get you specially designed inner tubes that come with headrests and cup holders, in addition to access to the watery screening and the nearby waterpark.

The new inner tubes “ensure maximum comfort (though, as chum for unseen marine beasts, you'll never be THAT comfortable),” according to the Alamo. “You'll even get to take them home, should you survive. We're pretty sure Lake Travis is shark-free, but we can't guarantee that a squad of scuba divers won't be down there to shake things up a little.”

You hear that? You’ve been warned.

But, if you’ve got a hankering for horror, you should go ahead and select the night you want to attend. Come early to the Volente Beach Resort — as early as 6 p.m. — so you can enjoy all the attractions, including the rides and beach bar, before the film starts around 8:45 p.m., when the sun sets. 

It’ll also end with a bang. From fireworks, that is. 

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