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United Airlines adds breakfast tacos to in-flight service

Joe Gross
United Airlines-style breakfast tacos. Photo courtesy of United.

As chronicled in  Conde Nast Traveler, United Airlines, which has been in the news for not particularlypositive reasonsof late (yes, those are three separate stories), is putting egg and chicken chorizo tacos (two for $8.99) on their new in-flight Choice menu, which launched May 1.

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Per the Traveler piece, “800 customers and flight attendants took taste tests to determine the winning formula” which includes “scrambled eggs, chicken chorizo, Monterey Jack and Swiss American cheeses, charred chipotle salsa, and chives, in corn and flour tortillas."

One assumes those are soft tortillas because the very idea of eating something as loud and crumb-creating as a hard-shell taco on a flight is too nightmarish to contemplate.

While the idea of in-flight breakfast tacos may sound slightly disconcerting (Mexican food on a plane?), consider how many breakfast tacos you eat a month (or a week) that have been wrapped in foil and hanging out in a steam tray for, well, you have no idea how long.

Yeah. Think about it.