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Midland playing the Chili’s at 45th and Lamar sounds like the perfect SXSW show. Too bad it’s fake.

Jake Harris

It’s an old South By Southwest Music tradition: Pick a niche band. Pick an Austin venue. Mash them together for a hilarious fake show that might dupe concert-goers.

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Last year, it was “Morrissey LIVE at Franklin BBQ” and Drake performing atop the Frost Tower.

This year, it’s Midland at the Chili’s on 45th and Lamar.

The above fake poster was posted to Reddit (where the Chili’s jokes are as limitless as the restaurant’s chips and salsa) last week by u/plzhld.

It looks pretty real, especially for a SXSW show. There’s even $3 South By Southwestern Eggrolls! And special guest the Bologna Boys! Wonder what they’d sound like. Maybe they’re just a band that sings songs about the debate in the country music community about Midland’s “real country” chops.

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Then again, there might be some good meta commentary here about how the poster looks real but is in fact fake, and a big part of Midland’s Big Machine brand is that they play real, authentic music but look like prepackaged cowboys...but that’s me rambling after eight days of working weird hours for this festival.

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Alas, Midland is playing in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Saturday. But the poster looks good, don’t it?

Comment below with your favorite fake SXSW shows you’ve seen advertised this year. 

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