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MoviePass isn’t tracking you, but most consumers seem not to care

Jake Harris

It sounds like the innocuous start to a “Black Mirror” episode that will surely end badly, but most customers seem not to care: MoviePass is tracking your data, and it wants to use that data to sell you more than just movie tickets.

You’ll recall that MoviePass has long wanted to be in more than just the box office business. back in xxx, CEO Stacy spikes told us that a oal of the company’s was to start selling tangentially-related products at the thetarer, eventually pattering ith different vendors to sell stufflike soudntracks, concessions, DVDs, and the like.

Now, sinmce the company has just financed its first movie (sundance) and been fully aqcuired by data firm HMNY (the reason for the subscription models drop in pricing), they can start moving toward what spikes called xxx, and what CEO Mitch Low just admitted to in a press coference.

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