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Here are some rustic and modern wedding venues for you Austin indie couples

Lisa Dreher
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Saying your vows and entering a perpetual bond with someone is a lot of pressure.

So is picking the right location, and according to WalletHub, Austin is one of the top places to have a wedding. The website ranked Austin as the 11th out of 182 cities when it comes to the cost, facilities and services and activities and attractions. 

Although things like price rank Austin as a favorable spot, here are some wedding venues that are also keepin’ it weird and distinguish the city from the rest.

Zilker Park Clubhouse

Despite it’s name, Zilker Park Clubhouse is an elegant but homey venue. The hilltop-style venue has stone walls, a dark wood roof and warm lighting. Outside, guests can enjoy a scenic view of downtown Austin out on a spacious patio with hanging lights and surrounded by lush trees.

The Union on Eighth Street

Located twenty minutes north of downtown Austin, the Union on Eight Street is perfect for those wanting a more intimate location with plenty of outdoor space. Once a transmission shoppe, the venue has a spacious floor, wood walls and Edison light bulbs. The outside area has dark red brick fencing with well-tended green vines where a reception or ceremony could be held.

The Brodie Homestead

The barn was built in 1950 when a couple had acquired 280 acres in South Austin. After 50 years, the barn was then bought and renovated, and in 2014 it opened up to wedding receptions and other events. A massive, arching stone wall at the end of the barn contrasts with a shimmering chandelier, a reflection of the barn’s new elegance while still retaining its authentic country style. 

Blanton Museum of Art

Your wedding could be as beautiful as a work of art. The Blanton’s famous steps are set against a dark blue to white gradient wall. The light stone floors, high ceilings and spacious main floor are perfect for those seeking a  modern setting.