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Joanna Gaines shares three easy (and two-ingredient) Christmas treats

Addie Broyles

Magnolia queen Joanna Gaines is gearing up for a big 2018. She and husband Chip have left “Fixer Upper” and are sitting cozily on top of a Waco-based empire that now includes the state’s second-most-visited tourist destination, a magazine, a line at Target and a forthcoming cookbook.

Ahead of the April release of “Magnolia Table,” Gaines has been posting even more food than ever on her social media channels, including a super popular Instagram post showing off three of the very easiest Christmas candy projects: peanut clusters, chocolate-dipped Ritz cracker sandwiches and Rolo-coated pretzels.

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To make the peanut clusters, simply melt stir peanut into melted chocolate bark and then scoop onto a parchment-lined pan to cool.

As she showed in her Instagram story, you can take that melted chocolate and dip Ritz crackers or Ritz cracker peanut butter sandwiches and then dip them in colorful sprinkles.

The third recipe she showed was pretty brilliant, I must say. Instead of dipping pretzels in the chocolate, she placed a Rolo — those caramel-filled chocolates — on top of a pretzel and then melted them in the oven to create a salty, crunchy treat that you’ll be munching all holiday weekend.