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Now you can cook chicken pot pie like Bun B

Jake Harris
Bun B. will perform Thursday at the Mohawk.

Texas’ latest culinary star hails from Port Arthur, is based in Houston, and has been cooking up hits for a long, long time.

Of course, this latest chef personality is none other than Bun B, one half of esteemed Texas rap duo UGK (RIP, Pimp C). 

Bun B’s cooking show, “Trill Mealz” (”We had to change the hashtag, ‘cause someone already took the ‘S,’” he explains in one of the videos) is less than a week old. It already has six videos and more than 15,000 cumulative views.

So far, Bun B has concocted chicken pot pie, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, oxtails with cabbage and cornbread, oven fried chicken, vegetable soup and brown sugar cornbread and seafood jambalaya. 

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The minimalist cooking instructions are delivered as montage, sometimes with assistance from Bun B’s daughter. Every now and then he’ll instruct you to drink with him. (”Take a shot with the chef!”)

“We make sure the shots are showing very little, because you don’t want people all over your house like that. We don’t want to show people too much of our life, so that’s why I cut it the way I cut it, very tight, very close, very sparse,” Bun B told Texas Monthly

Check out more videos at Bun B’s YouTube channel