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At Q-Shi, you can eat brisket and sushi at the same time

Jake Harris
Brisket is considered the pinnacle of Texas barbecue.

You love sushi. You love barbecue. But mixed together?

That’s a combination that Q-Shi BBQ & Sushi in Spring has been banking on for a few years now, according to Texas Monthly

The restaurant's menu features “slow-smoked southern-style BBQ  sure to please any carnivore,” as well as sushi that incorporates said barbecue into the sushi rolls.

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Those sushi rolls include the “Q-Shi 1 Roll,” which features smoked brisket and horseradish; the “Surf-N-Turf” roll, which is made up ofall of the above plus crab, tempura shrimp, and avocado; and the “Land & Sea” roll has raw tuna and smoked pork rib meat.

Texas Monthly writer Daniel Vaughn tried some of the sushi for a piece in the magazine and actually liked it a lot.  You can see his photos of the sushi here

As a professional barbecue lover, I should question how any self-respecting Texan could relegate barbecue to a topper on a sushi roll. But I can’t do that—I liked it. It turns out that smoked brisket pairs pretty dang well with crab. A thin slice of jalapeño and a speck of sriracha doesn’t hurt either. Even the pork rib and tuna combo had me coming back for more. There’s also a smoked brisket nigiri, but it was clumsy compared to the roll options.

Owner Ray Aker told Texas Monthly that his love of Asian food started while he was in the Navy, and continued as the years went on. The Georgia native also has his roots in barbecue: “My dad sold barbecue to the textile mills in my little town,” he told the magazine.

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Personally, I think these are two food groups that should never meet, but I still want to try that “Surf-N-Turf” roll. What do y’all think?